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The Death of the Beard: Has the trend for facial hair finally reached its peak?, City A.M.

The age of the neo-dandy has drawn to a close. Tweed is out. The moustache has twirled its last. The beard is dead, and we are but mourners at its wake. At least, that is what the streets of London would seem to suggest. So many naked chins thrust into the wind like the jutting prows of gleaming icebreakers, forging their smooth passage along busy footpaths. But have we crested the hairy hill once and for all, is it plain-shaving from here on out? As tides and seasons change, so too does the business of facial hair. The most recent resurgence in the popularity of the beard can trace its origins to the organic coffee shops and art studios of Manhattan in the mid-to-late 2000s, where a newly...

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