Men's goatee styles

Try One of These 7 Latest Black Mens Goatee Styles

Is there a wrong way to wear a mens goatee? A goatee may seem like less of a beard, but on the wrong face and the wrong personality, a goatee is much harder to pull off than a full beard. Black men goatee styles can look pretty cool and make your personality stand out. So, how do you end up with a great looking goatee that compliments your personal style and personality? I’m going to go over how to shave a goatee the proper way and then give you some mens goatee pictures to give you some inspiration. Let’s dive right in and talk goatees for black men! What is a goatee? Originally, a goatee was just that tuft of hair under a goats chin. Hence the name goat tee. Now it simply means facial...

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