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Chilean Designer Cris Miranda Street Styles in Tokyo w, Pink Blue Hair, Half-Robes, Remake Fashion, Pleated Maxi Skirts, Barbwire Necklace Tabi Sneakers

Catching our attention on the streets of Tokyo with their color-coordinated streetwear styles are Blue, Cris Miranda and AogiRi. We spotted them on the famous Cat Street in Harajuku. At the left sporting pink hair, AogiRi stepped out in a pink-and-orange colorblocked half-robe, worn over a black mesh tunic top, both of which are from Cris Miranda. The street poet donned a black pleated maxi skirt, black socks, and stepped into a pair of white sneakers. Drop earrings, labret piercings, and a black leather o-ring choker rounded out his style. He enjoys music from Reggaeton, and he is active on Instagram. Sporting a bearded look at the middle is fashion designer, Cris Miranda. He is dressed in...

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