Beard styles and their names

18 Beard Styles for Men Long Short Facial Hair Mister Shaver

With so many options each day for how to grow a beard, choosing the best beard style for your beard can be difficult. Long or short? Refined or wild? Classy or non-classy? (We’re kidding on that last one; there’s no room for a non-classy beard in our book of style.) But we do understand: with so many different beard types, it’s hard to know what to do. Thankfully, we know beards. So below, we’ve prepared a short guide to beard styles for men — to give you inspiration in your beard styling quest. Just choose the style below, get your beard trimmer and you’ll always be sporting a stylish look on your face no matter what. SHORT BEARD STYLES Quick, stylish and easy to maintain, short beards...

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