Different types of men's beards

Beard star Civil Justus on how black men can grow healthy beards, The Daily Dot

No-Shave November is the perfect time to get inspired by the many beards around us. And if you love a black man with a beard, the Internet has got you covered. Just look at the many social platforms devoted to the beauty of black men’s beards: Bearded and Black and Black & Bearded on Tumblr, Black Men with Beards and Post Bad Beards on Instagram, Travis The Maverick’s Black and Bearded on Pinterest, and Big Beard Business on YouTube. But not every man can grow a full and healthy beards in the same timeframe, length and style. In particular, black men have different types of hair textures and challenges—ingrown hairs, hair bumps, irritation, patchiness and dryness...

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