Goatee styles for oval face. Types Of Beards That You Should Try

Types Of Beards That You Should Try Different beard styles 2016.

Types Of Beards That You Should Try

There is more than one way to rock a beard! If you’re thinking about growing a beard out, but don’t know what kind of style you want to go for, you should give these styles a try. These famous styles are flattering, fun, and can make your facial hair look fantastic.

The Circle Beard Style

This style is what most people picture when they hear the word “ beard.” It is a tidy beard that combines a mustache with a beard. If you have never worn a beard before, you should start with a style like this one. It works for just about anybody!

If you want to grow out a circle beard, you should grow out a long, thick beard first. From there, trim it down to your desired length. Some men like to wear shorter circle beards, while some prefer longer styles. Don’t be afraid to experiment! The finished look is entirely up to you.

Different beard looks

The Extended Goatee Beard Style

If you like goatees, but would prefer a style that is a little on the fuller side, then you might want to look more closely at this style. This style is very similar to a full beard, but requires you to shave your sideburns off.

This style is best for men that have a square or oval face shape. If you want to start growing out a look like this, you should wait to start shaving until you have a medium amount of stubble. Once your stubble has hit the desired length, you can shave your sideburns off and start shaping the rest of your beard.

The Balbo Beard Style

The Balbo is one of the most popular beard styles around. This style, which leaves a gap between the mustache and the beard, has been worn by stars like Brad Pitt and Robert Downey Jr. It works well with a lot of face shapes, and it is usually easy to maintain.

Men's goatee styles

If you want to try out this style, you are going to have to grow out a full beard first. Once your beard is nice and thick, you can start sculpting it so that you can attain the Balbo look.

Mutton Chops Beard Style

If you like an old-fashioned or unusual look, you might not want to opt for an ordinary beard. Instead, you might want to wear mutton chops. This style is strongly associated with the:

Growing out mutton chops can be very difficult, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with beards. Allow your sideburns and your mustache to grow out until they are connected, and then schedule a trip to see a barber. They will help you to get your new beard off to an excellent start.

Professional beard styles

There are many great beard styles that men can wear. You shouldn’t feel like you have to opt for a basic beard. There are all kinds of amazing looks out there. If you want to grow out a beard, you should look at different styles and pick something that will flatter you.

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