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There was a time when men's facial hair styles included, clean shaves, bearded, or with mustache. The mustache and the beard may have a slight variation of being thicker or lighter, but that was it. And all that changed was the fullness of the beard or a half beard or mustache. But today a whole lot of facial hair styles are available which suit people with different facial feature; camouflaging the not too perfect features and highlighting the good and sharp ones. Facial styles 2016. Facial styles 2016.

Some Common Mens Facial Hair Styles:

A full beard, a clean shave or a chin strap or any hybrid styles the choice is yours, but it should be flattering on your features to get the real desired look. The all time favorites are the clean shave where all the features are shown out. The chin whiskers or the goatee is another popular style which is often tried with slight variation in the shape. There is also very elaborate men's face hair style which includes designs on the face; but the real thing is though they may look appealing, its maintenance will require daily visit to the barber or else the design might get drowned in the growing hair. Don’t do long with your facial hair as it is not high in fashion rating now. Growing the facial hair without occasional trimming, and grooming might result in a facial disaster.

Experiment with new men's facial hair styles to catch up with the changing trends in facial style ; but don’t copy a facial style as it is from a friend of your as sometimes you might end up looking opposite of what you intended. So it is best to try the ones that go with your face shape and your personality and most of all how much facial hair you can grow on you.

Mens Facial Hair styles Suiting The Face Shape

As is the case for the men's facial hairstyles, facial hairstyles also should be chosen based on the shape of your face. A well chosen men's facial hairstyle will bring out the best features in you making you look more smart and groomed. The wisely chosen ones can even alter the feel of your long or broad face shape to look the just perfect one.

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Types of facial hair styles

Mens Oval Face Hair Styles:

Oval faced men are the luckiest ones. Anything could be tried on oval faced people and can be made to look great. A side burn, a clean shave, and a beard everything looks great on them. But it is better to be clean shaved as it takes forward the good jaw line and the perfect shape of the face.

Mens Square Face Hairstyles:

The square face can be given a near oval appearance with a beard which balances the length of the face. The beard need not be the very thick type; just a two week old beard would do the trick. Keep away from your shaving kit and trimmer for about two weeks and after that, try trimming it every two or three days to get a well groomed look.

Mens Round Face Hair Styles:

A circle beard will be the best one for round face and will help to cut off the roundness of the face and give a masculine feature instead of the chubby one. Side burns are a strict NO for the round faced ones. Try growing the beard but do shave it at the sides and at the checks and you can leave a fine line joining your mustache with the beard. The finesse of the line and the perfection of this beard will be lost if the other parts of the face are not shaved occasionally. So keep up with the shaping and trimming for the clean look. A very smooth and neat shaving is needed to keep the fine character of the circle beard.

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Mens Square Face Hair Styles:

The men with square face should keep their hairstyle and facial hair such that the face looks more slender and long. An all over beard which is close trim looks good on a square face. But don’t just allow the beard to grow as it wish; all over the face. The beard though it is a whole face one should be styled occasionally to keep it borders neat. To get the real fine and sharp styling you can visit the barber for the very first time; then, after the distinction of clean and beard area is laid, the maintenance is very easy.

Mens Triangular And Pear Shape Face Hair Styles:

An unkempt look on the facial hair can camouflage the pointed chin in these people. Growing a chin strap or the goatees are a not for these people as it highlights the chin the first thing of all making it look more pointed. This also is true with the pear shaped face where the chin is a prominent feature. Side burns will go fine with this face shape.

Don’t worry about trying a new men's facial style with your facial hair as you can shave it off any time and re grow it in a matter of days.

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