Shaping a long beard. Henry Cavill Might Return As Superman — But Please Let Him Keep His Mustache, Fatherly

According to Deadline, Henry Cavill, otherwise known as Superman in the DC Extended Universe, is actually in talks to return to the silver-screen as the caped hero in a few more DC films. That’s after the fact that Cavill was very clearly out of the Warner Bros. family in 2018. Still, he very clearly has interest in playing the strongest man on Earth — although it may not be in a standalone film. But will they photoshop his mustache out again? We can only hope not. Beard styles pictures.

According to the outlet, while DC has no plans so far for a sequel to Man of Steel, rumors suggest that he could make an appearance in the sequel to Shazam, The Rock’s Black Adam, or Aquaman 2, given that production on the new Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman 1984 has already wrapped.

While it’s certainly good news that Cavill has expressed interest and is in talks with Warner Bros. to rejoin the franchise and keep making appearances, the rest of us sit with baited breath wondering what kind of facial hair Superman will rock in his next appearance, whether it’s in a yet-unnamed DC film or in the next Shazam. SyfyWire posted on Instagram with a series of facial hair styles (including a massive beard, the simple stache, a bit of scruff, or clean shaven.)

Hair and facial hair styles

But one Twitter user had a more cutting thought as to why Cavill might be returning. Recently, Cavill, who is known for having more nerdy habits alongside the obvious weightlifting, said he had been spending his quarantine painting Warhammer figures — an expensive hobby for those in the know. Perhaps he’s rejoined the cash cow to fund his new habit?

Either way, one can only hope he returns to the franchise with full ‘stache in tow. Many women probably likey.

Kind of beard style
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