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So, the lockdown continues into the summer, and that suave bit of stubble you started growing at the beginning of the year is now quickly transforming into a wildly disorganised bird's nest that you've lovingly labelled a "quarantine beard". Round beard styles.

But, here are the facts — your beard, while flattering to your facial features, needs a trim. And sharp. With barbers set to remain closed for at least a few more months, you'll need a decent beard trimmer to take your grooming into your own hands. All of which means that you'll need the right tools for the task at hand.

Just like your hair, every beard is unique — so our edit, below, helps you find what works for you and for your lifestyle. Crucially, there are a few things you need to know to avoid catastrophe and, of course, how to actually use the best beard trimmers like a pro. Let's get to it.

Which Beard Trimmer Is Best For You?

As with all comparisons of different electronics, there are a few things you need to consider when it comes to buying your beard trimmer.

From battery life and clipper lengths, to recharge times, extra accessories, and precision tools, there's a lot to think about on your new beard trimmer. We think the most important things you should be looking for are the price, battery life, and extra accessories, but we will let you decide what's important.

How Often Should You Trim Your Beard?

Well, this is again dependent on how short you want your stubble – if you even want any stubble at all – and also what kind of trimmer you actually bought.

We don't want to impose a daily task on you during lockdown, but if you want a completely clean-shaven face, it's probably going to have to be every day, or that five-o'clock shadow will creep up your cheeks, and you'll be back to square one.

However, maintaining a level of beard is difficult, and requires cultivating regularly, so approximately once a week should keep the whiskers away. The real pro trimmers among you will learn that balance to shave just as the beard is getting too unruly. If you can manage to keep that neck-beard to a minimum, halt the spread of your beard so that it doesn't connect to your eyebrows, and keep it looking at least marginally tidy, you're doing alright.

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Practice makes perfect – at least the lockdown is good for one thing. It allows for experimentation with how your beard looks, from different styles, lengths and sizes, so keep adapting your routine to get the best results for you.

For us personally, we've found a quick trim every eighth day does the trick and keeps it looking fairly reasonable, but keep working on it until it works.

The Best Beard Trimmers to Buy in 2020

Best Affordable Beard Trimmer

OK, there are a few premium razors in this list, but let's talk about a budget one for those pinching the pennies.

This one from Braun is less than £20 on Amazon right now, but don't let that put you off, as it's packed full of useful accessories –six to be exact– that will make your shaving time a lot easier.

With an ear and nose trimmer, four combs that cover 13 different lengths, and a plug converter included, there's plenty of reasons to be impressed with this offer right now.

It also has a pretty solid battery life, lasting 40 minutes on an hour's charge.

Best Discounted Beard Trimmer

Like we said, you can invest heavily in your beard trimmer and get the very best of the best, or you can pick up a model like this for much less and still get a premium shave.

Mens beard styles 2016

Considering the lower price, there's a staggering amount of customisation with this razor, with more than 39 different lengths available depending on how long you want that fuzz.

Our only complaint is that it takes quite long to charge from 0-100, getting just 2.5 hours use out of 90 minutes plugged into the wall.

Best Customisable Beard Trimmer

One of the most important things you need to look at when buying a new device is what you get alongside the razor: its accessories. This Hatteker device will get you all sorts of additional extras, from a beard comb to tame those stray whiskers, to scissors, extra clipper lengths and a travel pouch so you can take it out and about - when the lockdown lifts at least. You get a lot of extra stuff with this razor, making it totally worth the price you pay.

Best Premium Beard Trimmer

This particular razor could very well be the top-end option for all your grooming needs, though it does come with a top-end price to match.

For a shave under £100, the Wahl razor has 12 different comb-lengths so you can style to your heart's content while giving you one of the closest shaves you can find from an electric razor.

But the truly impressive feature is the battery and charge time. If you need a quick trim in the morning or before your next video chat, plug in the device for just one minute and get three minutes use straight away so you can tidy up.

And if you need a bit longer, you can get 180 minutes of use from just an hour plugged into the wall.

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