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Many guys shy away from a goatee, as they are afraid that it will not flatter them. However, this is one of those beard styles that are extremely versatile. Thus, it can be adjusted to suit any face shape, hair type or personal style. Want to learn how to nail this trendy facial hair look? Wait no longer to follow our guide. How to choose beard style.

What Do You Call A Goatee?

A goatee is a beard style that features some amount of hair on the chin, which is sometimes connected to a moustache. The cheeks, as well as the neckline, are usually clean-shaven. There are quite many goatee styles as of today. You should check out our website MensHaircuts for the best of them.

Who Can Pull Off A Goatee?

What is good about a goatee is that it does not have any particular requirements in terms of your facial hair type. So, no matter how thick or coarse it is, it is most likely that you will still be able to pull it off. Yet, when it comes to your face shape, complexion or facial hair color, it does have some nuances. When the difference in color between your skin tone and beard is striking, it will help you to create a bold and high-contrast look. While it obviously looks flattering on men with square and rectangular faces, round and triangle face guys with weak or pointy chins are the ones to benefit from it most.

How Do I Trim A Goatee?

Of course, before starting to shape a goatee, you should let your hair on the face grow first. Then, grab your trusty trimmer and follow these steps:

Run the clippers along the whiskers and trim them down to 3 to 5 mm long.

Define your goatee outline using the precision trimmer. Decide on the width depending on how long your face is. The rest of the hair on the neck and cheeks should be shaved down to the skin.

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Shape up a round or triangle patch right under the bottom lip.

Get the desired length of your goatee by running the clippers with the corresponding attachment along it once again.

Using a razor, clean your neck and cheeks to create a chiseled outline of your goatee.

The Most Requested Goatee Styles You Should Try

Now that you know what a goatee is and how you can get it, it is time to look at the most popular goatees of all time.

An original goatee implies only having hair on the chin with the cheeks, neck and the area above the upper lip being neatly shaven. So, no moustache should be present. As this style comes out particularly clean, it is also called a pure goatee.

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This is a perfect beard style for guys who prefer minimalism when it comes to their appearance. It does not require much effort or time on your part, as you can get it pretty easily and fast. Just grow your facial hair a little so that it creates contrast and shave it all off leaving a small patch below your lower lip.

Often confused with the classic goatee, the Van Dyke beard incorporates a bit more hair. It is kind of a combo of a moustache, soul patch and a chin goatee. One of its greatest benefits is that you can nail it even if your hair on the face grows in a pretty uneven patter

For those who choose a classic beard style over any other, a full goatee is a sure bet. It consists of a circular pointy beard and handlebar whiskers. Make sure though that the beard line does not go beyond your mouth corners. To help your hair on the face stay in order, you should style it using a bit of hair pomade or wax.

To give a full goatee more impact, you can go for its extended version. This means that your facial hair can extend the corners of your mouth and you are welcome to complement it with any moustache style you like. Yet, you should still refrain from sideburns, as they will convert your goatee to a regular facial hair style.

We hope that we have managed to give you full insight into a goatee beard. That being said, you should not have any difficulty pulling it off. No matter what goat’s beard style you are going to choose, you can rest assured that you will look awesome.

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