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No Shave November is here and with it things are going to get, a little hairy! If you are worried that your stubble may trouble you this month then here are some trendy beard styles to fall for this year. So check them out and put away your razors and scissors and let the five o’clock shadow grow!

Bandholz Style- This style featuring a moustache connected to a full beard is named after Eric Bandholz who was showered with cutting remarks for growing a beard during his corporate work experience. He left his job to pursue what he calls his “urban Beardsman lifestyle” and made the beard his bread and butter. The length of the beard for this look varies from man to man but the goal is to letting it to grow to its maximum length. As simple as that!

Mens facial hairstyles

Perfect for face type - Triangular, Oval

The Boss- Some trimmed faded sideburns at the outer edge of your beard are all you need for this look. An up to the minute style that’ll makes you look elegant and manly at the same time. A connected moustache and stylish haircut will add to the oomph quotient.

Perfect for face type- Oval, Square, and Round

Hairstyle with beard

Garibaldi Style- This scruffy beard style was named after General Giuseppe Garibaldi who happened to be one of the pivotal figures in the foundation of Italy. For this look you need to have a full beard with wide and round base at the bottom. The look also combines a moustache hence you need to keep the moustache clean and trimmed while you grow your beard. For those men who are looking for a messy yet bold look, this is the right option for you.

Perfect for face type- Square, Rectangular, and Oval

The Bush and Coif- A cowboy inspired beard style. The Bush and coif combines anarchy and order with classy trimmed coif and a bunch of unruly beard. While the beard looks unkempt, the trimmed fading sides give a neat finish providing a balanced look.

Shaving style for long face
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