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Beard, the classic sign of masculinity, is on the path of revival since the last 2-3 years. Once the sign of messiness and untidiness, the beard and it’s upkeep has evolved into a whole new industry. With beard grooming sessions to experimenting with combinations of different looks, it has allowed men the freedom to flaunt their style and personality in their own way. Now even messy beard has become a trend, such has been the development in this industry. Moreover, it has been concluded in so many researches that women find bearded men more attractive, more trustworthy as compared to their clean shaven counterparts. Beards are seen as a true reflection of a man’s personality. They serve as mirrors to their soul, their manhood (according to some lore datibback in history) and provide women with the sense of security and comfort. This is the reason why people are going head over heels in this beard frenzy. It has given them the opportunity to experiment with so many swanky and glamorous beard styles and cuts. New trendy beard styles.

Being attractive and classy doesn’t start with having the perfectly chiseled body. To really present yourself as smart, stylish and trendy a suave beard certainly serves as the icing on the cake. It can do wonders to the whole look and transform your entire persona and give you a new wave of strength and confidence. However, just growing a beard is not enough, in fact it is just the minimal requirement. What follows after or what complements the complete look is more important. Keeping in mind the suitability of different beard styles for different face cuts, different features, hairstyles, following are some of the beard styles in trend right now to help you make an informed shift into getting a new look.

Swag beard – the ultimate nawabi beard, it’s other name, is an embodiment of a typical royal as the essence of this beard style is the moustache twirling upside like a royal. To perfect this look, one must have the secondary features as well, like a perfectly chiseled face cut, suave sense of style, that perfect body, a sleek and suave hairstyle, all of which will make this beard look irresistible. The swag beard, as the name suggests, is the symbol of attitude and confidence. What more can we want?

Long stubble – slightly more growth than a typical stubble yet clean and swanky. This is the beard cut which is usually the most comfortable, neat and has an easy maintenance. It doesn’t take that much of an effort to achieve and maintain this look perfectly, all you need to do is regular, slight trim to keep the style in check. However, perfect beard line and a mellow moustache smoothly joining in on the beard makes it look really good and neat.

Hipster style – also known as the bohemian beard. This requires patience, as hipster style is more of a short caveman style. This look is complemented by messy hairstyle and bushy moustaches. The whole idea is to look free spirited, carefree about details and portray an image of an adventure seeker or traveler.

New dadhi style

Adam Gallagher style – this one channelises the actor definitely. This look is having a medium stubble along the jawline with thin, sharp moustaches fading onto the edge of the beard. It looks best on faces with a strong jawline and chiseled cheeks. To top it up with a man scarf is going to make women go weak in the knees for sure. So, go out there and be your own version of Adam Gallagher.

Caveman style – this one is not for the faint hearted. It is having a bushy beard and moustache all over the face and neck channeling the caveman from way back in time; this look is somewhat difficult to maintain. Keeping up with such a growth requires serious effort. It might be suitable for all face types as it covers most of your face anyway. This one is a favourite amongst the creative or the artistic ones. Also the adventure seekers might find an inclination towards this look as it is low maintenance but comes with hygiene issues if somebody bothers about keeping it clean.

Funky style – think of Jake Gyllenhaal and you have got what funky style looks like. Medium stubble with moustache forming a uniform shape with soft edges. This look is complete with long or medium locks of hair. A sleek hairstyle might also go well with it but having short trimmed hair might be a bad idea to pair with a funky style beard. This look is low maintenance and easy to carry with any outfit, be it casual or formal, and hence suitable for every occasion.

Old man style – this one is surprisingly drawing hoards of people. The old man style is a greyish beard, slightly bushy, overlapping the moustache around the edges. This salt and pepper look is definitely unique and sexy and has many takers from every field, be it the middle aged working class, thinkers, artists or a celebrity.

Latest beard design

Slick and smooth style – the most popular as in every boy next door, the working class, the younger generation, the middle aged people, all are opting for this style as it is really comfortable and neat yet looks uptight and stylish. This is a low maintenance beard style. Sharp beard lines along the cheeks and the jawline and a sharp moustache with edges clearly dropping onto the chin and merging with the beard.

Hope all of these beard styles will give you some serious goals to consider and help you move on to a new and trendy style.

We can tell that men’s grooming has gone to a whole new level with the advent of so many options, possibilities of showing creativity, artistic choices etc. Along with that there are endless scenarios having room for improvisations. Rejoice in the changing times and enhance your entire personality with any of the looks that you may want for yourself. There’s an old saying which goes, ‘Never trust a man without a beard and a moustache’! You never know what might turn out, so grab onto the emerging trends and enjoy the attention that comes your way.

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