New short beard style. How To Grow A Beard – The Complete Guide eBook Beard Mountain

9 Chapters of Bearded Knowledge – Over 80 pages! How to beard.

Illustrated Guides on Beard Anatomy and Trimming

Decades of Beard Science and Education Condensed Into One Book!

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Do you struggle to grow a beard?

I used to be just like the majority of guys out there:

Trying to grow a beard, but giving up after a few weeks because it looked terrible

Trimming my beard in an attempt to be more presentable, but always making it worse

Believing that I was just not one of “those guys” that could grow an awesome beard

Facial beard designs

Sound familiar?

I finally got tired of it. I got tired of not getting what I wanted out of my beard. I got tired of seeing guys with killer beards billowing from their faces while mine remained a shaven display of my failure.

I spent years researching beards, and studying every topic I could find that might help me grow a better beard.

Years of self-experimentation and diligent application of knowledge is what eventually led to Beard Mountain coming into existence as a brand, and my products all came from this same focused effort.

You see, if you have read about the Beard Mountain philosophy, than you know that I am a little unique in the Beard niche. I am the only guy out here that represents the other 80% of guys, the ones that weren’t born with what I call the “epic beard gene”. While these other guys are out there winning beard competitions and telling you that you should never touch your beard, or maybe that some guys “just can’t grow a decent beard” – I have been applying knowledge and developing methods to make the most out of my average beard genes.

It has taken me much longer, but it has all been worth it.

Now, a lot of guys out there know me from reddit – especially from a couple of the Beard-related subs. I have put in countless hours helping guys get what they want out of their beards. Over a pretty good span of time, I have seen a huge variety of things that have set guy back on the path to Bearded Glory – but I also began to notice that there were many issues that seemed to come up again and again.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that there was a pattern, and it was all based on a lack of knowledge.

Beard cut 2016

How To Grow a Beard is that Knowledge.

Take a look at what you get:

Chapter 1 – An introduction to the book, and a few things to get your mind right for the journey that lay before you.

Chapter 2 – An overview of the Beard throughout the history of mankind.

Chapter 3 – A profile of the first year of growing a beard; the stages, the challenges, and how to succeed.

Chapter 4 – The anatomy of your beard: the different areas and how they come together to make a beard what it is.

Chapter 5 – This chapter walks you through care and feeding of a beard, what you need, what you don’t, and finding what will work for you.

Chapter 6 – Trimming. Everything you need to know that nobody wants to ask. Living The Beard means making it work for life, and trimming helps make this happen.

Mens latest beard style

Chapter 7 – Social issues, and how to deal with the rest of the world. This hangs up a lot of guys – and it really doesn’t need to.

Chapter 8 – A huge profile of totally natural ways to maximize your Beard’s genetic potential – no need for implants or exotic supplements!

Chapter 9 – A reference section covering some odds and ends, and rounding out the book with a huge illustrated collection of Beard styles.

This book is the book that I wish someone could have given me all those years ago when I first began trying to grow my beard.

Stop thinking that you “just can’t grow a beard” – This is exactly what I used to say!

Get How to Grow a Beard, and Start Growing the Awesome Beard You Want Right Now.
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