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Have you considered beard scissors as an alternative or complement to beard trimmers? Perhaps your beard growth needs a minor trim or you want to optimise its style for your face shape? Choosing a pair of quality scissors is a surprisingly daunting task. With a plethora of scissors available to achieve different tasks, you might be wondering which are the best for fulfilling your needs.

In this guide, you will discover everything you need to know about beard scissors from why they’re important to how to properly use them. We will cover the details as to what to look for in the best beard scissors as well as give our pick of the best available on the market.

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Why Do You Need Beard Scissors?

After a couple of months of growth, your beard will naturally develop a few split ends. Even if you’re concentrating on increasing its overall length, there will come a time when you need to give it a minor touching up.

As split ends hinder healthy hair growth, it unfortunately becomes an obligatory chore. Moreover, split ends can cause the beard to appear coarse and unruly. Therefore, if you want your beard to look its best, you’re going to have to trim it at some point.

First and foremost, beard scissors offer unparalleled precision compared to scissors for when grooming your beard. For this reason, they’re better suited for highly stylised or longer beard styles. Furthermore, beard scissors are an ideal choice for when seeking to grow out your beard as much as possible.

Through the use of beard scissors, you can give minor touch-ups to your beards and remove stray hairs without reducing the beard’s length. Although convenient, beard trimmers have a tendency to be particularly aggressive and can remove far more length than was originally desired.

Secondly, even the most expensive scissors can be somewhat more affordable than decent quality trimmers. They’re also far more simpler to use. However, they can be a little more difficult to master and more time consuming to use. Nevertheless, they’re a handier choice and easier to take with you when travelling.

Therefore, if you have a longer style that requires only minor touching up, beard scissors are for you. You’ll also face fewer risks in ruining your beard, which even the slightest muscle spasm can cause with trimmers.

However, if you have a short, well-trimmed beard, scissors may be of little use to you. Instead, consider investing in some quality beard trimmers.

How To Choose The Best Beard Scissors

Firstly, there are two considerations to take into account before choosing the best beard scissors for you: quality and size. Whilst the quality dictates the type of steel used to make the scissors, the size plays a role in their versatility and portability.

Both aspects are relatively independent of one another and it can be hard to find genuinely high-quality scissors in smaller sizes. For instance, there are many unbranded smaller scissors that claim to be ideal for moustaches and beards.

However, these affordable tools often lack the quality of higher-end hairdressing scissors. Nevertheless, high quality hairdressing scissors can be both far too large for using on your beard and they’re also very expensive.

Japanese Vs. German Stainless Steel

The most celebrated steels used for hair scissors are either from Japan or Germany. Both differ in terms of sharpness and durability and so offer different types of quality. However, take note that both are high quality steel but offer different experiences.

Japanese steel is more refined and therefore more delicate. Yet its curved cutting edge cuts smoothly with a clean action. Japanese steel is by far one of the most precise materials yet it requires a greater degree of maintenance. As the steel is more refined, it tends to dull faster and therefore requires regularly sharpening.

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German steel is a sturdy alternative to Japanese manufacturing. It is formed with thicker plates and the cutting surface is slightly bevelled. Therefore, it is designed to hold hair more confidently. As the steel is less refined and more hardy than Japanese steel, it takes longer to dull and is less likely to develop nicks.

Although these may feel like only minor concerns, you may want to keep the above factors in mind if you want a high quality pair of scissors.

Scissor Length & Handedness

Many scissors for home-use usually come as ambidextrous models. However, they tend to lean on easier usage for right-handed people. Furthermore, some professional-grade scissors are only available for right-handed use.

Nevertheless, there are options available for left-handed men, which you will find in our top 5 selection. Be sure to keep this factor in mind when choosing scissors if you’re left-handed.

Although length comes down to personal preference, it’s hard to make the decision without having tried them first. As mentioned above, the highest quality scissors are used by professional hairdressers. Therefore, their length tends to be slightly longer from 5.5 inches (14 cm) to up to 7 inches (17.75 cm)!

Needless to say, 7-inch barber shears are far too long even for the mightiest beard. However, 5.5 inches is ideal for longer and thicker beards. A possible alternative can be found in moustache and travel scissors, which are around 4 inches (10 cm) in length.

Yet if you’re looking for something versatile and usable on most beard and moustache lengths, you would fare well around the 5 inch (12.7 cm) mark.

How Do You Use Beard Scissors?

Wash your beard and dab dry with a clean towel.

Beard comb out to reveal all hairs on their ends.

Ensure your beard is fully dry before you continue.

Carefully cut down one side in increments using a comb as a guide.

Don’t over-cut and remove the same length all over.

Comb down cut side to see the results

Comb out the hairs under the chin and cut away stray hairs.

Comb hair back and cut away any remaining strays.

Wash the beard again to remove remaining hair clippings.

Face dadhi style

Oil and brush your beard to replenish cut ends.

Firstly, remember that it’s always better to cut your beard when dry. This is because your beard will hang differently off your face due to gravity and hairs will stick together. When dry, it will be its usual self and you’ll be able to trim more accurately.

Furthermore, consider using a comb to help cut away the right length every time. Combing through the beard at a slight angle helps you identify what you want to be removing with what comes through the teeth.

Be sure that you cut away the same amount with some consistency and be especially careful not to take away too much. Consider taking off less than you want at first then comb the hair back a few times to check how close you are from the desired length.

Scissor Maintenance

Remember to clean your scissors when finished and store them somewhere dry and secure. Some steels are carbon-based and are prone to rust. Moreover, they’re quite fragile so make sure they’re not somewhere perilous where they can crash onto the bathroom floor.

After about 6 months of use, you may notice the blades beginning to dull. Make sure to get them sharpened so they don’t tug or pull at the hairs, which causes uneven cutting.

Top 5 Beard Scissors

As detailed above, scissors can come in different shapes and sizes not to mention various metals as well as price tags! Scroll on down to read our selection of the best, which always give you the right value for money.

1. Best Value: Equinox Hair Cutting Scissors

Metal Type: J2 Japanese Stainless Steel

Equinox’s premium stainless steel scissors provide professional quality at a low price. The blades are tempered with hand-sharpened edges for easy slicing through even the thickest manes. The blades are 5.5 inches (14 cm) long and their lightweight 4.3-ounce structure makes them easy to handle.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the grip features a handle design so the fingers can cradle the scissors. Removable inserts are included to adjust the size of the holes. However, they are still slightly small so may not suit men with larger-than-average hands.

The scissors have an in-built tension screw to allow you to hone the cut. Impressively, Equinox has made these scissors using J2 grade Japanese stainless steel. Therefore, at only $12 on Amazon, they’re something of a steal!

2. Best Professional: Sanguine Barber Shears

Metal Type: J2 Japanese Steel

Don’t let the ominous name put you off, Sanguine have created one of the most affordable professional barber shears available on the market. Made with premium hand-crafted J2 Japanese steel, the blades are durable and stay sharp for months on end.

The scissors feature an eye-catching jet-black design and arrive in a small presentation case. Although the case doesn’t offer a huge amount of protection, it’ll keep your scissors safe from rust and small falls.

It cannot be understated how sharp these scissors are for their price. Indeed, they’re somewhat more expensive than Equinox’s offering but the difference in quality is remarkable. Furthermore, the scissors come with a rounded tension screw system for honing the blades between cuts.

Finally, if 5.5 inches is too long, they also can be found in a smaller, more versatile 5″ (12.7 cm) version. Otherwise, the Sanguine professional 5.5 inch barber shears fetch for around $25 on

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3. Best For Thick Hair: ZZZRT Polished Barber Shears

Metal Type: J2 Japanese Steel & Titanium

The ZZZRT may sound like a mouthful but you’ll be left speechless after giving them a whirl. Extreme caution is advised when using these as they’re so sharp that you may end up clean-shaven after a single snip.

In all seriousness, the ZZZRT barber shears are one of the sharpest as well as the most eye-catching scissors available. The J2 Japanese steel blades are finished with titanium for a lightweight razor-edge. Like the other offerings above, they come with a tension screw as well as removable rings to adjust the finger hole size.

Finally, it should be noted how efficient these are with thicker beards. Where other scissors may struggle, the ZZZRT simply glide through dense growth. At $22.50, it’s up there with the Sanguine in pricing but they’re certainly one of the best performing.

4. Best For Travelling: Kovira Moustache Scissors & Mini Comb

Metal Type: J2 Japanese Steel

When travelling, you may not fancy taking larger scissors with you in your luggage. Not only are they slightly bulky and sharp but they don’t always conform to TSA standards. Therefore, it’s always worth having an alternative to take with you to look your best during business trips and vacations.

However, if you’re not a jet-setter, the Kovira scissors and comb set is ideal for precision-trimming moustaches and sideburns. Although they may not perform as well as professional barber shears, they’re still made from high quality J2 Japanese steel.

Therefore, you can still expect a good cut from these in a pinch. Furthermore, it comes in a neat little faux-leather pouch with a handy comb. An ideal set when on the move. They’re also only $14 on, so you won’t blow your so-called load on these.

5. Best Lefty: Sanguine Left-Handed Barber Shears

Metal Type: J2 Japanese Steel

For those lefties out there, don’t feel left out. Although some scissors can be used ambidextrously, they’re few and far between. To make matters worse, many manufacturers don’t cater to left-handed people.

Although some professionals overcome this by learning to use their left hand, it’s much harder for home users to make the same leap. Fortunately, Sanguine offer their 5.5 inch (14 cm) barber shears in a left-handed model.

The scissors come in the exact same jet-black finish, which is made from premium hand-crafted J2 Japenese steel. You can expect high performance and durability from these scissors, which won’t let you down.

They’re extremely sharp and should easily cover all your needs from beard trimming to even the hair on your head if so inclined. Although they’re a little pricier than the right-handed version at $30 on, they’re also rarer and much more exclusive.

Now that you have read about beard scissors, be sure to check out our other beard accessory guides. For instance, you can read our beard comb guide, an indispensable addition when using scissors to trim your beard.
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