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Growing a beard is not as simple as just ‘letting it grow’ – if you want to know how to make a beard grow properly, make sure it looks styled and not messy and want it to actually look good, there’s going to be a little bit of work involved. How to beard.

How to Grow a Beard

So, you’ve made the decision to grow a beard, but things are moving a little slower than you anticipated. The likelihood is that you’ve, in the past, not given your beard area any attention or the TLC it needs. So how do you stimulate beard growth? Well, don’t panic, there’s still a away to get that beard going. So, how do you stimulate beard growth? These are the basics:

Start with a clean slate: Exfoliate your face, lather up and get your razor in there. Before you can begin growing a beard, give yourself a solid, seamless foundation as this will prevent any uneven or patchy areas.

Alter your diet: Another way to speed through the stages of growing a beard is by giving your body the best nutrition associated with growth. Protein-rich foods such as meats, peas, broccoli, chickpeas, and spinach will help speed things up.

Wash: We should hope this goes without saying, but washing your beard regularly is a simple way to stimulate growth. The mechanical scrubbing of skin alongside hair-bolstering ingredients in a dedicated beard wash should accelerate the beard growth stages. However be gentle, we don’t want you vigorously scrubbing and damaging the skin.

Use supplements/natural growth enhancers: While there’s an abundance of natural men’s hair growth enhancers, they’re often overlooked in favour of heavily advertised, branded alternatives. One example is eucalyptus, a highly effective ingredient that will promote follicle construction and cleansing – do your research and apply your findings.

Keeping your skin and body healthy will help stimulate growth

How to Maintain a Beard

How to Trim a Beard

One of the most important steps when it comes to keeping things presentable is trimming your beard. This is an essential part of regular beard upkeep. While you might initially assume there’s a lot of work involved in this, it’s actually a relatively straightforward process. Check out our step by step guide below if you’re wondering how to trim your beard.

Goatee facial hair

Start by combing through the beard so all hairs are settled in one direction.

Select your desired length and use the corresponding clipper attachment to achieve an even cut.

Start by making upwards movements from the jawline up towards your cheekbones, running over each section a couple of times.

When you reach below the jawline, go down one number on your clippers and continue trimming.

Once again, when you reach below your Adam’s apple, drop down another number to give you a graduated finish.

Apply a little beard oil or moisturiser to keep your facial hair healthy and prevent split ends.

Regularly trimming your beard will help keep it neat and even when it grows

Facial beard designs

How to Shape a Beard

While not applicable to all beard styles but generally speaking, it’s a good idea to give your beard a little shaping around the edges. While trimming will keep your beard’s length in check, shaping will tidy up the areas around your face where the beard meets the skin.

Start by applying some shaving product, ideally going for something that doesn’t create an excessive lather so you can see what you’re doing.

Grab a sharp razor or an electric razor that’s got an edging feature built in.

Make your way around the edges of the stubble and carefully edge or trim at the sides to give a sharper appearance.

Try to avoid overdoing it on the edging – if the stubble’s outline appears too sharp it can look a little too primed.

How to Look after your Beard

How to Grow and Maintain a Beard

Take a proactive approach to growing your beard by altering your diet, washing regularly and taking supplements as this will help from the inside out.

New thadi style 2016

Trim your beard once every couple of weeks, or more if you have fast growing hair as this will help maintain a healthy, lustrous and frizz-free beard.

Shaping is also important for maintaining a beard and getting that clean finish. Where the hair meets your skin you need to keep it looking neat and fresh even when you’re still in the process of growing.

Lastly, figure out if the beard life’s for you. You may love it and want to keep up your beard game, but then again a beard may not be for you so don’t let it get sloppy.

Make sure you look after your beard by regularly trimming and shaping it

On That Note

That’s your lot, there’s all the beard growing tips we have. So with our handy (and fairly straight forward) set of beard grooming tips, you should be more than equipped to grow, maintain and style a healthy set of facial hair. Just remember to trim and shape every so often, as well as applying a nourishing beard oil once a week or so to keep things looking their finest – happy growing.
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