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Lin-Manuel Miranda, Williams Shatner and more react to the passing of film titan Brian Dennehy. Best looking beards 2016.

© ShotPrime Studio / Itchy beards are extremely annoying. With skilful care of your chin hairstyle, you don't have to use a razor

It's crazy. For months you have been patient and have grown a stylish full beard. And now? The skin beneath itches and itches almost obnoxiously. Why is that and what needs to be done? Shave off? Please do not! Here we reveal what exactly is responsible for itchy beards and what soothes the itching - without sacrificing the laboriously grown beard.

No question, beards look casual and are all the rage. But the fact is: such a beard is also a battlefield for bacteria. And they are largely responsible for the annoying itching. In addition, there are dead skin cells that would otherwise simply fall off, but get caught too easily in the hair and thereby trigger itching. What helps? These 4 tips.

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© Evan Agostini / AP / SIPA Chadwick Boseman, alias Black Panther, displays a leanness that worries Internet users The performer of Black Panther, the American actor Chadwick Boseman spoke to his fans in an Instagram video. His extreme thinness caused great concern. American actor Chadwick Boseman, unforgettable interpreter of King T'Challa, superhero of Black Panther, has lost his athletic build.

How to stimulate your beard growth

1. If the beard is itchy: restrict the supply of bacteria

Designer beard styles

Your hands offer bacteria the best possible transport conditions. Whenever you fiddle with your whiskers, you infiltrate exactly the microbes that you came into contact with on the toilet, on the bus or while shopping. "Whenever you run your fingers through your beard, bacteria and fungi are transmitted," says dermatologist Joshua Illustrator. At some point your beard will become a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore: fingers from the face. If you touch your itchy beard, it's only to clean it.

How to care for a 3-day beard

2. Wash and oil regularly to prevent itching

"Dandruff that gets caught in the whiskers every day also contributes significantly to the dreaded itching," said Richard Tucker, a London-based beard expert Scene-Barbershop Ruffians, "Men should take care of their beard and wash their beard regularly, then you will get the problem under control." But be careful: washing does not mean treating the beard with shower gel in the shower. Better invest in a real beard shampoo, for example in the 3-in-1 beard shampoo by L'Oréal Men Expert. Shower gels degrease the hair, make it strawy and scratchy. No problem for the 3-day beard, but for the full beard. Beard oil and a beard brush are also worthwhile for longer beards: the tools not only make the hair shine, but also nourish, invigorate and soothe the facial skin.

Julianne Hough Compliments Brooks Laich's Beard as They Quarantine Alone

Julianne Hough Compliments Brooks Laich's Beard as They Quarantine Alone“That beard though,” the 31-year-old dancer commented on the 36-year-old former hockey player’s post on Wednesday, April 22.

tip: The beard care set by MayBeau is the Amazon bestseller among beard care products and offers a wide range at a low price.

Decent beard styles

3. Tame frizzy beard hair so that it does not prick

Especially frizzy, irregularly grown whiskers offer a good basis for microorganisms. "In the worst case, trapped bacteria cause infections in the hair bends," says Draftsman, "Curly and twisted whiskers can also grow towards the skin and cause pseudo-folliculitis there." 'Pseudofolliculitis barbae', according to dermatological jargon, is an irritation of the skin caused by whiskers, which in combination with bacteria can cause itching, ingrown whiskers and inflammation. "If you tend to, you should develop a beard routine that promotes straight hair growth," says Barbier Tucker. He advises:

Wash your beard every second or third day. Not more often, otherwise it will lose its elasticity and unnecessarily boost oil production Blow dry your beard at medium heat to relax and smooth the with a full beard should buy a beard brush to prevent the hair from getting caught and beard cleansing products and moisturizing styling products if rough stubble softens, they will spike less. But: Beard styling products should be used in the right amount. If there is too much oil and creams in the beard, bacteria and dirt particles can easily stick If the beard is itchy, it may also be because you are not shaving the contours correctly or using the wrong device "Electric shavers in particular can cause skin irritation and, in the worst case, infections because they are more difficult to clean," says Tucker, "barbers recommend shaving wet around the beard."

You can do this with a standard wet shaver. But safety razors are the first choice for beard wearers. "This creates precise contours. But above all, they cut the hair sharply without pulling on the hair root," said the expert. That could cause inflammation and itching again.

The hottest beard hairstyles

Clear, barber, care and styling products are usually a little more expensive than shower gel and standard razors. But proper beard tools and care products help your beard not only look casual, but also feel that way. And it's definitely worth it to you, isn't it?

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