Types of beards 2016. Types of Fade Haircuts: Latest Styles Pictures for Men

In 2016, different types of fade haircut styles for men are becoming popular. Summer has just started are young guys are eagerly looking for a new summer haircut. In such hot weather, fade haircuts are the best option that not only make you feel light and cool but also give you a handsome look. So here we are going to present you some modern types of fade haircuts in 2016. Facial hair styles 2016.

Grab a newspaper, switch on your TV, watch an ad or skim through a magazine, you will find men with different types of fade haircuts everywhere. Doing a fade cut is an art that tests the skill of a barber significantly. Not everyone can do a perfect fade as it requires prior experience and the variation in faded lengths need to be done accurately. A little variation in faded length can change the overall look and the available styling options also vary with respect to that. You might have already seen fades with shorter hairstyles on top. But in 2016 you will notice the change with longer hairstyles on top of the head.

Keep in mind that you go to a skilled barber when you want fades. The reason is that fade haircut needs loads of creativity and hair cutting experience, great hand to eye coordination, attention to detail, and tenacity.

There is a fade haircut available for every kind of face shape, face cut and hair type. It’s immensely flexible. We will discuss some extremely popular and stylish types of fade haircuts along with styling options. This will help you pick the right fade hairstyle one for yourself…

4 Popular Types of Fade Haircuts 2016

1. Taper fade Haircut

Taper fade haircut has been every guy’s chosen hairstyle and it will continue to be trendy in the year 2016. Taper fade is totally different from the disconnected haircut. The hair on the back and sides of head are tapered with #2 or #3 clipper depending upon your choice. It is somewhat similar to undercut hairstyle since it offers a transition rather than a complete disconnect. It blends well with a beard and also you have a choice of styling the hair on top with high or low length. You can add some hair designs like shaved line or hard part with it.

Best beard style for short hair

It is a cocktail hairstyle with two major features of brush cut and short crew cut hairstyle. It is low maintenance haircut that just needs two minutes of your time to be styled. With taper fade, the hairline isn’t completely devoid of hair and fading is done in a tapered style that looks attractive.

2. High fade Haircut

The high fade haircut begins really up high below 2 inches of top hair. Hence, called the high fades. Unlike the taper cut, in high fade you got the option to entirely disconnect the hair length from the crown hair or keeping it connected. You might have noticed David Beckham wearing a high fade on several occasions and he carries it extremely well for sure.

It is usually the african american black men who sport high types of fade haircuts more than white men. Reason is the difference in color of the scalp and facial complexion. High fades expose a larger area of your skin and it looks great on white men as they don’t have the same skin tone of scalp and face. The haircut gets even more attractive after some days when the scalp tans to the same skin tone as the face. It also works perfect for black men as they have same skin tone of face and scalp that blends perfectly. You can adopt short hairstyles like crew cut and ivy league with high fade or you can go for longer hair on top and spike it up roughly or in a Fohawk / Mohawk style.

3. Low Fade Haircut

If you are not sure about which type of fades to begin with. You can always begin with the low fades. In a low fade haircut, the hair are almost shaved near the neck and the length increases towards the top. The thickest and longest hair are kept at the top on head. For example, you can fuse low fades with combover and enjoy comb over fade which simply requires a a fine toothed comb and a good hair gel and looks vigorously stunning.

Best looking goatee styles

You can let your barber know about the actual line and length of fade that you prefer. It is totally up to you to decide what length of hair you need at the top according to the hairstyle that you want to go for. You can sport a comb over pompadour hairstyle or even spiky hair on top. That all depends upon your hair texture and face shape. You can also style it up in a creative manner making a combo of two different hairstyles.

Who doesn’t like a haircut that’s easy to style, manage and is extremely flexible. What makes it so flexible is the fact that it doesn’t limit you to a specific occasion. Whether its a formal event or informal gathering, you can adopt high fade with confidence. It also lets you adopt whatever kind of facial hair that you love and blends perfectly with them.

4. Temple Fade Haircut

Temple or temp fade haircut is another popular types of fade haircut that started getting popular among black men in 1990s. It is known for a variety of different names like Brooklyn fade, Afro blow out, blow out and Bronx fade. It was a New Jersey native, Pauly D who is got made this haircut popular in 2000s. When you go to a skilled barber, just mention his name and he will know exactly know that you are asking for temple fade cut..

It is a type of fade haircut in which the hair present at the hairline of the neck are a little faded. And guess what makes your face shape and facial features more prominent? It is the part present in the middle of your temple and nape of the neck that is clipped close to the skin. Like in other fade haircuts, you can have whatever style you desire on top in temple fade haircut as well.

Mens hair and beard style

Blowout takes temple fade one step ahead unlike other haircut. This is a special type of temp fades with about 2 inches of faded sides and back till the temples. A good length of hair on top allows you to style it in a creative manner like if you have been out in a storm. Men’s blowout haircut gives you a great bed headed look that’s really hot and attractive.

Let’s have your pick from these cool types of fades haircuts!

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