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Everybody at some point has ever heard of all those stereotypes that involve men and beards: From bearded men having higher social status to many other yet to be proven allegations. But despite all that it is a fact that over the years men have managed to pulls off some smart, creative and elegant beard styles that has seen beards become a vital part of their fashion and as an item of identity among them. Beard shaving ideas.

Beard shaving styles vary all across the world with each style being a representation or a manifestation of a way of life or simply culture.

Goatee Styles

Goatee refers to the tuff of hair under a man’s chin. And as the name suggests, it is derived from the name given to hair formed under a goats chin.

Goatees compliment a man’s looks. It’s a natural complement to the clothes men put on. They are dapper if the choice of the goatee suits the face.

There are a variety of goatee styles to try out.

1. Pure Goatee Style

This is simply goatee beard that grows on the chin and does not include or combine with the moustache.

It is at times referred to the original goatee

2. Full Goatee Style

With this style of goatee, the moustache join the beard to form a continued circle that surrounds the mouth sides’.It is more common style with men lately and is also referred to Classic goatee

3. Van Dyke Goatee Style

This style of goatee combines moustache soul patch as well as the chin goatee. The only thing that stands out with this style is that the three do not link. It is named after a 17

Century Flemish painter who among many others often had the style on.

4. Anchor Goatee Style

This is an extension of the Van Dyke style. In addition to the Van Dyke style, it has the facial hair running along the chin and jawbone or closer to the side burns.

along the chin and jawbone or closer to the side burns.

5. The Landing Strip Goatee Style

The landing strip goatee consists of facial hair that extends vertically below the

lower lip down towards the chin

Long Beard Styles

Long beards tend to be quite tedious to grow and keep. The long beards are fashionable as long as you choose a suitable one from the long list of styles that are available and be able to pull off a comfy and appealing look.

Beard style for me

This long beard style consists of a combination of faded side burns that go along to the trimmed long beard. This style draws a lot of attention and those who cop it tend to be seen to have some element of authority over other s.

2. Harden Long Beard Style

The style owes its name to the Houston Rockets guard, James Harden. He is fond of the style. The style entails shaping the facial hair along the jaw line and the hair keeps growing towards the neck and also the sides.

3. Polished Long Beard Style

The landing strip goatee consists of facial hair that extends vertically below the lower lip down towards the chin

4.Bold Long Beard Style

In this style the beard begins up beside the side burns and is left to grow. The bottom facial hair that makes up the beard is trimmed to give it a square shape while the moustache is trimmed.

5. Razor Edge Long Beard Style

Sharp razors are used to trim the beard to bring outline of the beard. The moustache is curled while the facial hair is definitely trimmed in exact similar lines

6. Taking Charge / In Charge Long Beard Style

The style entails keenly trimming of outlines although the facial hair as well as the moustache is free to grow to its peak length. The moustache is also trimmed, and then curled upwards, leaving an outstanding facial look.

7. The Uniform Long Beard Style

When the mustache and the beard are at same length then this length is achieved. This will be achieved if the chin beard is trimmed to the mustaches’ length

8. Lumberjack Beard Or Woodsman

It begins with narrowly trimmed side burns which brings the beard to the front. The beard has to be trimmed often to maintain a standard length, lastly fade the side burns towards the beard.

9. The Warrior Long Beard Style

This is a style very few would often try. It brings an appearance that is comparable to the Viking. All you have to do is to let your side burns grow down towards the beards without shaving them off. The mustache also is not tampered with, instead let to grow to its best. When the hair below the chin is long enough, and then simply separates it into two braids. Having the long braids beneath the chin is the sole idea for leaving hair to grow to its maximum length. It takes a lot of time to be able to pull this style off, though the wait is worth it.

Short Beard Styles

Short beards do not necessarily mean you have to shave off most of your facial hair but it entails moderate trimming of the hair around your face to get a balanced yet cool look.

Some of the, most impressive and outstanding beard styles are without doubt the short kept and well maintained beards. They command a lot of a lot of respect in the corporate world where, hair is most preferably kept short, since grooming is key in the corporate field. The say that beard separate real men from boys can no longer hold as at short beard at times can be more attractive than long beard. It depends on the grooming and choice of style. People having well kept and shaved short beard can pull a surprise.

1. Simple But Short Beard Styles

This short beard style is simple as the name suggests. All a person has to do is to fading the beards continuously into the sideburns and a closely shaved off goatee.

2. Prominent Goatee Beard Styles

With this style, the rest of the beard is to be trimmed while the goatee is left to grow a bit thicker than the rest of the facial hair. The whole point here is to let the goatee stand out among the rest of the facial hair.

3. Prominent Definition Beard Styles

It consist a prominent soul patch that has hair within the dip which is above the upper lip

Beard trim styles 2016

4. Defined Lines Beard Styles

The goatee is partly shaved in this style. The soul patch beneath the lip as well as a bit of facial hair under the chin is left.

5. Mustache And Chin Strap Beard Styles

The mustache is not shaved unlike the rest of the facial hair. The hair beneath the jaw line is also not shaved. To obtain an even and straight look, the outline of the strap of the chin is trimmed and finally the moustache is trimmed to meet the chin straps’ length.

6. Thin Goatee Beard Styles

This style requires trimming of the goatee while the rest of the facial hair is shaved. The souls patch id

left to run down towards the chin while a neat line is maintained on the side burns. It is actually an opposite of the prominent goatee style.

7. Short And Tapered

It is achieved when the facial hair is faded gradually towards the sideburns. Just that simple and you can achieve a fabulous look.

8. Thin and Thick

Not much effort is put to bring this style to life or towards its maintenance. It simply entails keeping a thin beard. The layer of facial hair has to be trimmed while the side burns stay thicker than the rest of the other facial hair.

9. Natural Outline

A balanced thickness across the facial must be struck and the natural look maintained. This style would work out well at the early stages of beard growth when most of the facial hair has not yet sprung out. Therefore it makes it easier dealing with less hair and giving the natural that one desires.

10. Patchy Goatee

With this style one has to shave off most of the facial hair and only maintain a perfect goatee. Shave the rest of the facial hair and only leave those at the cheeks well trimmed. This gives the soul patch room to extend down the chin

Moustache Beard Styles

Moustache is hair that grows above the upper lip.

A moustache can be very difficult to choose whichever to pull off if you do not have an in depth knowledge of the various styles that exist.

Depending on a person’s face shape, every man has no doubt a variety of moustache style that befits their face shape.

Here are some of the common moustache styles around the world.

1.Handle bar Moustache

Is a thick moustache with upward twirling extension that makes the moustache resemble a cycling bikes’ handlebar. To achieve the twirling extensions, styling wax is used to curl the ends of the moustache.

2. The walrus

In this style the moustache covers the upper lip wholly. The styles’ name come from the Arctic Ocean’s marine mammal; a Walrus. As one of its characteristics, the walrus has bushy muzzle. This is similar to the “busy “moustache that covers the upper lip of those who cop this style.

Styling your beard

3. The Horseshoe ‘Starches’

As the name suggests, it has a shape quite similar to that of a horseshoe.It looks like a goatee with its lower center removed or shaved. The goatee therefore goes round the upper lip but does not cover the lower lip or its does not combine with the facial hair below the chin. It truly suits the gents with round or boxed faces and goes well bald shaven head.

This is a super thin strip of hair above the upper lip that outlines the upper lip. It runs along the upper lip and ends at edge of the upper lip. It does not run down towards the chin. It’s thin and straight nature hence the name, pencil.

5. Chevron Moustache

Just as the name goes, it’s a moustache shaped like a chevron or V shaped in simpler terms. It does cover the upper lip.

6. Anchor Beard

It combines a pointed beard that goes below the chin along the jaw line.It points to a moustache above the upper lip. The whole idea is to have hair above the chin that points towards the moustache, that’s where it is seen as an anchorage to the hair above the upper lip

7. The English Beard Style

It has a part in the centre of the lips and the moustache runs along the upper lip in both opposite direction. At the corner of the lips the hair is pulled into spikes

8. The Fe Manchu

This starts at the corners of the mouth, leaving a gap down the nostrils free of hair. It usually drops down the chin besides the edges of the mouth. It is such a rare style that only a sizeable men can pull off. They at times look like as symmetrical whiskers that are pointed down on a man’s face.

9. Royal Beard

It is also referred to as the royal goatee. It is a moustache that is anchored by chin strip

10. Gunslinger Beard

It is made up of side burns together with a horseshoe moustache

11. The Toothbrush

The moustache is trimmed just below the nostrils and does not go past the nostril edges. Its’ shape resembles that of a toothbrush bristles.A number of famous personalities have worn this moustache style; Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler.

12. The Imperial

It combines hair on the cheek to the hair on the upper lip. It may look similar to the handle bar moustache but the difference sets is that, with the imperial style the twirling extension of the moustache coils and closely combines with the hair on the cheek as opposed to the handle bar style.Which the the extension does not combine at all with hair on the cheeks.

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