Good looking beard styles. 30 Spectacular Patchy Beards to Get The Ultimate Look

A common problem that many men are plagued with is a beard that grows in patchy and uneven. While some decide to shave it off out of frustration, there are others who decide to embrace the unique fashion in which the beard grows. If you’re one of the many men whose beard grows in patchy and you don’t know which style would work for you, here are 30 amazing patchy beard styles you can choose from. Beard shaving ideas.

What Does a Patchy Beard Look Like?

Just as the name suggests, a patchy beard is patchy. Even full grown, it has thin or hairless patches and the growing pattern may be uneven. No shame in it, either, gents. Many great men have patchy beards and it doesn’t mean a damn thing. Think about this: Keanu Reeves’ beard is patchy, but he’s still The One. The late, great Heath Ledger had a scruffy, uneven beard, but he still rocked the hell out of the Joker—and Brokeback Mountain, let’s be for real.

What Causes Patchy Beard?

To talk about some of the causes behind a patchy beard, you’d need to take a crash course in medical jargon. The issue affects all kinds of guys for myriad reasons. Some men discover that their beards have become patchy following times of high stress. Other men simply have irregular growth patterns. In those cases, the uneven beard doesn’t usually feature bald spots, but only thin patches. In some men, there isn’t enough testosterone to create enough androgen, which is partly responsible for the growth of hair. Those guys don’t have the “seeds” buried in their facial hair follicles that ultimately lead to beard growth.

Patchy Beard FAQs

Will a Patchy Beard Ever Fill In?

In many cases, a patchy beard won’t fill in, at least not by itself. Patience is your best friend in this endeavor. As mentioned, you can’t just go get a prescription for testosterone, but you can exercise, eat right, and improve your lifestyle to produce more of it naturally.

A variety of vitamins and minerals are helpful, as well, especially biotin. For men whose patchiness is simply caused by thin beard hair and irregular growth patterns, Biotin is extremely helpful. There are also various formulas, such as Rogaine, but the success is iffy.

Is a Patchy Beard Attractive?

A patchy beard can absolutely be attractive—hot, even. It all comes down to the way you wear it, style it, and work with it. This is your facial hair. If you’re confident with it, no one else will notice anything amiss.

Can I Grow a Patchy Beard Intentionally?

Unless you already grow a spotty beard, no, you can’t actually intentionally grow one. However, you can make your beard look patchy. You can either use an eyebrow pencil or filler on certain spots to make them appear thicker, which in turn makes the rest of your beard appear thinner, or you can shave your beard irregularly. If your patchy beard is causing irritation, read our post: Causes and Remedies of the Itchy Beard.

Patchy Beard Fix: What to Do

Aside from exercising, eating healthy foods, and taking vitamins, you should avoid stress as much as possible and get as much sleep as you can. Cosmetically, filler cosmetics are the best. Don’t feel bad about it, either. Women use those products on their eyebrows for a reason. Get a pencil, a gel, or even a pomade in a color that matches your beard and lightly fill in the patchy areas. Go on YouTube if you need a tutorial on technique.

Interesting Facts About Patchy Beard

It Comes Down to Testosterone and Androgen – It’s not your fault that you grow a spotty beard. You probably have no control over it. Why sweat something that you can’t change?

Let It Grow – don’t be demotivated by your patchy facial hair. Keep growing your beard anyway. More hair is always better.

Beard Oil Is Your Friend – not only does beard oil make your beard hair softer and more manageable, but it can also create the illusion of fullness. In addition, it can help you to create a variety of patchy beard styles—even styles you didn’t think were possible.

No One Has a Uniform Growth Pattern – for real. Not even those lumbersexual dudes with the virile beautifully styled beards. Their beards are full because they’re long. See, length is the key.

It Might Get Better – It really might. Sometimes, a man’s beard fills in as he gets older. Just give it a few years.

Styling With Your Patchy Beards

Patchy beard styles are for men who either barely grow enough hair to form a beard, or don’t grow hair on their cheeks at all. Many of these options feature nearly bare faces and styles that don’t require cheek hair. Below is our list of patchy beard styles we have collected for you.

Ideas for beard styles

1. The Thin Strap

If your beard barely grows in at all, or the patchiness is very uneven and scattered, you may want to try rocking a chin strap. This look features a thin strip of beard that travels along the entire jawline and up to the sideburns. To achieve this, shave the face clean leaving a small amount of beard along the jawline. Then, using a trimmer, shape the beard into a clean, straight line.

2. Strap and Goatee

Another chin strap to consider is this goatee combo. This is perfect for men who don’t like to sport a bare face. Just style your beard like the one above, but make sure to leave your goatee instead of shaving the entire face clean.

3. Chin Beard Only

This goatee look features only the hair on the chin and beneath the lip. For men whose beards suffer from extreme patchiness, this look is a great option. Just shave the face clean, leaving the hair on the chin. Then, shape and style the goatee to your preference.

4. Patchy Chin Beard with Mustache

Styling the chin goatee with a mustache is a great option for men who like to have more hair on their face. Just follow that same direction as the last patchy beard style, but leave the mustache intact.

5: Into the Wild

Long hair and a long uneven beard produce a rugged “wild man” style. It’s a great look if you don’t want to spend ages grooming your head hair and your facial hair. Just let it grow wild and free!

6: Light and Dark

Patchy beard styles often go hand in hand with uneven coloration. The most common type of uneven coloration is the style in which the facial hair is lighter or darker immediately around the mouth.

7. Faded Chin Strap

This chinstrap is trimmed very thin, in order to give it a less prominent, faded look. Coupled with a detached goatee, this look distracts attention away from the beard and accentuates the thick hair that is left on the mustache and chin.

Moderate Patchiness

These styles are for men who can grow a moderate amount of beard hair but don’t know how to style it properly in order to either disguise or accentuate the patchiness. A few of these can be achieved by men who have severe patchiness, but most of these styles require a significant amount of beard hair.

8. Thick Strap

Here’s a thick chin strap option for men who can grow a decent amount of hair along the chin. Instead of shaving the majority of the beard off, only shave the cheeks and hair below the bottom lip clean, leaving the mustache intact. Then, using a trimmer, shape the outline of your beard to mimic the shape of your jawline.

9. Thick Patchy Strap with Full Goatee

This chin strap option features a full goatee which is perfect for men who are able to achieve this level of hair growth. To achieve this style, shave the cheeks clean, leaving the goatee and hair along the jawline intact. Trim the outline of your beard using a trimmer to mimic the natural shape of the jawline.

10. Patchy Goatee

This unattached goatee features a soul patch, mustache and patchy beard combination. Instead of shaving the face clean, leave the beard as is and trim the hair short. Next, shape your soul patch and mustache according to your liking.

11. Faded Goatee

If you’re looking for an edgier version of the goatee, opt to style the hair along your jawline so that it fades out into the sideburns. This look is great for men who either don’t have sideburns or don’t grow a significant amount of hair along the jawline.

12. Keep Your Patch Unique

Here’s another goatee style that embraces the thin, patchy nature of the beard. Leaving the mustache and the hair along the chin thick, trim your goatee as an extension of your soul patch so that there is a continuous line from the chin to the jaw. Keep the hair along the cheeks intact to show off its uniqueness.

Face dadi style

13. Attached to the Strap

This style is a goatee that is attached to the chin strap, as opposed to detaching the mustache from the beard. To achieve this look, shave the cheeks clean and style your goatee as you’d prefer, leaving the mustache attached to the beard.

14. Wild and Free

This style features clean-shaven cheeks and a thick, long, unruly goatee that extends under the chin. If you’re not afraid to sport such a daring goatee, go ahead and trim your goatee as desired and let it grow out.

15. Full Goatee

Here’s another goatee that is thick in nature, but has been stylishly trimmed down to a conservative and uniform length. If you are able to achieve a beard this thick, then this may be the style to consider.

Embrace the Patch

These looks are for men whose patchiness isn’t as severe as others. If you’re a man who isn’t afraid to show off the unique nature of his beard, allow these styles to encourage you to embrace the patchiness.

16. Faded Cheeks

Here’s a full look that can be sported by those whose cheek hairs don’t grow in too patchy. To achieve this style, grow your beard out and trim only the cheek area very low in order to give a fading type of effect. Then, outline your goatee as you’d prefer.

17. Highlight the Cheekbones

If your beard only grows in underneath the cheekbones, this may be a great way to show off its unique character. To achieve this style, outline the hair beneath the cheekbones so that the line is straight. You can opt to sport a goatee or just a mustache with this style in order to switch it up.

18. Carefree

This look features another look for men whose beards tend to grow thin in the cheek area. Sporting a detached goatee with soul patch while allowing the beard to grow in as it naturally does, will give you this carefree look.

19. Fill Your Face With Patchy Beard

Here’s a goatee that has been filled in with a special type of coloring which gives the illusion of a fuller beard. While this style has been very popular among African-American men, this option is totally available for any man who wants to achieve a sleek look with their beard.

Full Bearded Patchiness

These styles are for those men who can achieve a full beard, even though it is patchy in nature. Although many of these styles are reminiscent of a week of not shaving, you’ll see that it’s the character of the beards and their uniqueness that sets them apart from the rest.

20. Conservative

This patchy beard has been trimmed moderately short in order to accentuate its slightly patchy nature. The outline of the beard is left to grow as it naturally does, giving it a very carefree look while still maintaining a sense of professionalism.

21. Come as You Are

Sporting a very carefree beard, this look is serving pure patchy greatness. Although many patches are seen throughout the beard, its one-of-a-kind nature is what sets this style apart from other beard variations. In order to achieve this look, allow your beard to grow out, leaving the neck unshaved as well.

22. Full Glory

This style is an effortless look which highlights the patchy nature of the beard. Just allow the beard to grow out fully, but be sure to outline the lines across the cheeks in order to give a sight sense of precision and to maintain symmetry.

23: Patchy Stubble

This manly style treads the fine line between a clean-shaven face and a short beard. Stubble like this shows a hint of testosterone whilst also showing that spending hours grooming yourself is not your “thing”. This is a style without “styling.”

New face hairstyle

24. Fade out Facial Hair

Fade outs are popular among young men. So why not try using this same style on your beard too. The facial hair is thick and full at the top near to the sideburns, but it thins out and get more patchy as it gets closer to the chin.

25: Six o’clock Shadow

This patchy beard style was rocked by Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero during a book signing at the clubs. He has just a hint of stubble which will slowly grow out into a sexy patchy beard style. His shadow is darkest around his mustache and mouth for added effect.

26: Unkempt Cool

This style sends out the message like: “I’m not going to try too hard because I will look cool regardless.” There are some patchy beards that grow up on the cheeks and down onto the neck. It’s your style, so you can keep if you want and shave off the patchy parts you don’t want!

27. Goatee with Soul Patch

This next style features a goatee with a soul patch. This is great for men whose chin hairs don’t grow in thick enough to sport a full chin beard. To achieve this look, shave the face and neck clean, leaving the mustache and chin hairs. Using a trimmer, style the hair below your bottom lip into a soul patch.

28. Patchy Goatee

If you’re comfortable with showing off your patchy beard, you can do so by combining it with a goatee. Johnny Depp has a severely patchy beard that he sports with a thick mustache and a soul patch that extends down into his chin hairs.

29: Heavy Mustache with Patchy Beard

It doesn’t matter if you struggle to grow a full beard, as long as you can grow a thick and full mustache. A heavy mustache covers the center of the face, so the rest of the beard doesn’t need to be as thick and as full.

30. Wide Eyed and Wonderful

This patchy beard is the epitome of patchy but stylish look. Although there are lots of bits where the hair is not as thick, this is all an important part of the style. It helps to make the wearer look rugged, wild and unspeakably handsome.

Patchy beards are not bad if you can style them properly. They can even lead to a unique beard style if you can adjust it according to your face shape and size. Hope you have enjoyed our list of patchy beard styles and got some ideas for your own. We’ll love to know which patchy beard style is your favorite. Just leave a comment below. Happy Bearding!
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