Cool beard shapes. Sick of waiting for hair salons to open? Here are some tips on how to cut your hair at home

A hair stylist talks about the do's and don'ts of at-home hair maintenance to get you through until salons open back up.

MADISON, Wis. — A lot of us have avoided picking up scissors to cut our own hair for weeks now. But now, some are reaching their breaking point. Cool beard designs short hair.

While any hair stylist will tell you that your best option is to just wait until salons open back up, owner of Urban Indigo Hair Salon Courtney Wacker offered tips and tricks for those who are not waiting any longer.

You can buy a hair trimmer that comes with various length guard attachments. Move the trimmer in an upward motion, starting from the bottom of your hairline and working your way up. Start by using a longer length guard. You can always cut more off.

Wacker said do not use trimmers that are meant for cleanup around the ears, neckline and beard to trim the main portions of your hair.

To clean up the length between the bottom and top half of your head, you can use thinning shears.

“Thinning shears can be use to de-bulk. They can be used to blend the tops and the sides of the haircut,” Wacker said.

Wacker said you want to make sure your hair is, “Straight. Flat-ironed. You should prep the hair. Wash it, dry it, flat iron it so that it’s super smooth. I wouldn’t recommend to clients to pinch their fingers to pinch, twist and move things. We get into over direction, too much tension and that’s when things start bouncing weird, we end up cutting more and it becomes a huge mess.”

Wacker recommends letting your hair fall naturally and cut from the ends vertically rather than horizontally. Wacker said this is a more forgiving way to trim your hair if you make any mistakes.

Beard and facial hair styles

Part it down the middle and let it fall naturally. You can cut horizontally if you wish since children aren’t usually particular on their hair styles.

Wacker said to grab a hair clipper, “Put a guarder on it, a 2 or 3 or 4, and just do the whole head.”

If you want it to be more styled, shave the parts you want shorter with the shorter length guards.

Ponytails. Buns. Braids. Hats. Hair will grow back.

Use kitchen scissors to cut your hair.

Buy or use at-home highlighting kits, bleach kits or box color kits.

Wacker said, “If you are a high maintenance blond, you are just going to have to tough it out and deal.”

Types of beards 2016

Best option for color treatment and covering up gray hair:

Wacker recommends Clairol root spray to touch up on grays and grown out roots. But said do not put any color on your ends.

“You can do your part line and like a couple sections on either side wherever you part,” Wacker said. “You can do your hairline with it and it will give you enough coverage to get you by but it doesn’t disrupt what we as hairdressers have to do.”

Deep conditioning treatments:

Wacker said if you find that some of the products you are looking for are sold out, find a good alternative that is worth the financial investment.

“You definitely get what you pay for. If you buy a really cheap trimmer or cheap clipper, it’s not going to do a great job at cutting your hair. It’s going to leave things uneven, it’s going to pull, it’s going to snag, it’s going to be more trouble than it’s worth.”

Wacker recommends getting in touch with your stylist before buying a product online.

Mens shaped beards

“We know our clients’ hair and there might be a better product for their hair.”

Wacker said many salons are still doing curbside pickup for products. You can purchase these items and still support your local hair stylist. Wacker also said clients should reach out to their hair stylist for at-home consultations and video-walk throughs for those who want to cut their hair at home but want some additional guidance.

Even though Wacker gave helpful tips to help those who are going to try to do their own hair, she said the best thing you can do right now is to just wait until salons open up again.


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