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Let’s face it, lockdown is doing nothing for our looks, particularly our crowning glories. Whether you are struggling to cope with overgrown hair styles, unsightly roots and untidy beards, fear not, as we have some top tips from hairstyling experts who can tide you over until you next visit your hairdresser or barber. Medium beard styles.

EXPERT: Ryan, Harris and Fox

Top tips: During lockdown we realise how annoying those overgrown roots can be, but avoiding home colour is definitely the right choice. A brilliant way to hide roots is to do a zig-zag parting instead of a straight one.

We look forward to welcoming our customers back and wish them all well during this time.

EXPERT: Robert, Ice Hair and Beauty

Top tips: Extension wearers only ever use a semi-permanent colour on your extensions, extensions can be darkened but never lightened, keep your bonds separated and as extensions get zero nutrients for the scalp. Now’s the time to do deep conditioning treatments on them and lay off heat tools at present.

Always make sure you pleat or tie your hair up at night

How to style the beard

EXPERT: Faye, Komao

Top tips: Short length – change your parting and use products to style. Medium length – the classic half up and half down with/without a top knot. Long length – an easy style is the messy bun, the key is leave it loose, not tightly pulled back.

For all hair lengths you can add curls or waves to create texture, incorporate braids, clip-in hair accessories or use a cute headband to style.

If tying your hair up, don’t use tight tension as this causes breakage, use a scrunchie to prevent breaking.

EXPERT: Allan, West with Style

Focussing on: Top lockdown must-haves for men

Beard styles for less facial hair

Top tips: For gents, this would be a great opportunity to try growing out that fade and embrace having longer hair for a change. To enhance the look for longer hair, try Seb Man’s The Dandy Pomade or, for a textured look, The Sculptor Matte Clay. To keep your beard in shape get a beard trimmer and use Captain Fawcett’s Booze & Baccy beard oil which softens facial hair and smells amazing.

EXPERT: Debbie, Area 51

Top tips: Look after your ends. Everyone has time now to do a hair treatment, so dig out those masks or just use your normal conditioner and add a poly bag (keep conditioner off the scalp or hair will go limp). For fringes: sweep over to create a side fringe. Do not reach for the scissors!

And men, for pesky bits at your ears, tuck with a gel behind your ear.
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