Breed style. Top 10 Beard Styles for 2017, Men s Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2017

Beards are still a great trend amongst guys and they are evolving and getting better as time goes on. Now many dudes are wondering which beard styles are going to be trendy in the next season. Well, if you want to be a step forward from the others, check out top 10 beard styles for 2017. I am sure here you will find your favorite beard style, since we have selected only the trendiest ones Medium Hair with Thick Beard Top 10 beard styles 2016.

While choosing a haircut and beard style, be careful, since these two factors are crucial when creating a defined look. However nothing looks better with a nice medium flow than a nice thick beard. Well, you will need some time to grow out your facial hair but it is really worth your patience. Long Hair with Beard

Long hair and beards really go well together. Keep it thick, thin or however you want; you are going to make a statement since long locks draw away all attention from the beard. Be careful to maintain that mane though! Top Knot with Beard

Can you even dare to rock the top know without a beard? The impact of beard is great since it breaks the feminine touch of the design. Well, apart from the beard you can also upgrade your cut with undercuts or faded sides. Men Low Bun and Beard

Men’s buns are close to knots (but not equal). Both low and high buns are great for men who have long or medium length hair. However, buns and knots would never look so great without a straightforward beard style. Thick Beard

Kinds of beards

Here, we are with a well groomed beard that enhances the overall look of the style. If you have those thick beard genetics just utilize them in a right way. Keep your beard well-groomed and the effect will be more than visible. Smart Business Beard

Even beards are versatile and there are facial hair styles for all men out there. The beards for business men look neat and trimmed. You can combine them either with a spiked up or slicked back hairstyle. Hipster Beard

Want to channel your inner hipster guy; don’t let anyone shave your long beard. Long beard styles feature all hipsters and it is not hard to be one of them, just keep in your mind that long beards require more care than short ones. Winter Beard

Apart from providing with a trendy look, long beards will keep you warm, and it is not a joke at all. It is cool when you can combine the trendiness with the coziness. Light Brown Beard

Different styles of beards and mustaches

This year we have seen many colored beard styles, so it is going to be trendy in the coming season too. Nothing looks cooler than the contrast between the hair and beard. Be brave enough to rock the trendiest looks ever! Stubble Beard

Not every dude can or wants to rock a beard but at least go for stubble. You can still make a fashion statement. Just grown out facial hair will provide you with a classy stubble beard.


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