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Shaved sides men’s haircuts have a modern, statement look, but are surprisingly versatile, and can work with a number of different hair textures. In this short and simple guide, we’ll show you some of the best shaved side hairstyles for men, covering cuts for curly hair, fine hair, and the men out there who love a good man bun. Shave styles 2016.

Pompadour Haircut

Swept back hair on men has always had a sophisticated, refined vibe, and there’s no better way to embrace this look than to try out a pompadour cut. They’re many different variations to choose from, and as you’re essentially just working with long hair and short sides, you can vary up the lengths so long as there remains a contrast between the top and sides.

A pompadour with tightly shaved sides is fairly similar to a prohibition undercut, except with a pompadour you don’t have to shave all the way around the head. This is ideal if you like the overall look of an undercut but want a softer finish.

You can go as short as a 1 on the sides, creating a strong contrast between the sweep of hair on the top of your head. This is a great hairstyle for men with beards, as you can create a clean, tapered fade that helps to subtly connect your beard with your hairline.

Regulation Haircut

With this neat military style haircut, you’re working with a partly shaved head that gently tapers into a structured side parting. Although it’s a hairstyle that’s short on the sides and long on top, it differs from some of the other styles due to its clean appearance and defined look. It’s a military style after all. Keep the taper neat and allow it to fade slowly out to buzzed sides.

Keep your side parting defined, using a light wax to smooth the sides down if your hair tends to have trouble lying flat. This men’s haircut can go great with a beard, especially a rugged, overgrown one to really contrast against the neat, defined hairstyle.

Styling your beard

Man Bun Fade

The man bun fade – to realists it’s a cut that consists of shaved sides with a ponytail, to lovers it’s a stylish, modern cut that breaks boundaries, and to haters it’s a pretentious mess. If you’re brave enough to pull it off though it can be a statement cut that really adds an alternative vibe to a look. As you’re essentially working with a ponytail with shaved sides, you’re going to need to make sure your barbers cut in a defined line to create a neat look as well as a clear distinction between the sides and the top.

Don’t be afraid to go really short with your sides, especially if you’ve got a bit of facial hair to help even things out. B uzzed hair and beards go surprisingly well together and even a short stubble is enough to create an interesting contrast. You don’t need a very long top with your short sides, but you do need a decent length in order to work with this style. It’s a shaved sides man bun, so follow the general ‘rules’ of the bun and see what works best for you.

Curly Top Fade

This cut is, as you can tell from the title, just shave sides with curly hair, and as there’s no set rule on how this cut should work, it can work with a whole range of hair textures. Whether you’re working with afro hair, fine curls or thick waves, this is a cut that can be customised to complement any kind of texture. If you fancy a bolder style try out the half shaved hair for men, where, as you might have guessed, only one side of the head is shaved, giving you an unconventional, statement look.

As you’re working with curly hair and shaved sides, you only need to concentrate on taming a small portion of hair, so despite the statement look, it’s a fairly easy cut to style. Add a touch of wax to define the curls of fine hair, and use a moisturising shampoo to ensure that coarse curls avoid frizzing up.

Undercut with Fringe

Like a Pompadour you’re basically dealing with a guy’s haircut that’s short on the sides and long on top. The main difference is that instead of a middle that’s swept back you’re working with a statement fringe. You can go for a heavy, textured fringe for a statement, alternative look, or go for a straight, blunt fringe for a military-esque vibe.

The beard look

It’s probably best to go for a basic beard with this haircut, as the cut is already fairly bold and you don’t want to create an overly extravagant look. No need to be ‘that guy’. If you’re a fan of facial hair then go for something small like a short stubble, but, if you can, try and opt for a clean shaven look to really let your hairstyle shine.

5 Shaved Sides Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men

Pompadour Haircut – Clean cropped sides with a long sweeping top.

Regulation Haircut – Neat military style with a defined side fringe.

Curly Top Fade – Full curls with contrasting shaved sides.

Undercut with Fringe – Statement fringe should be the main focus in this cut.

Beard styles for men with less facial hair

On That Note

Men’s haircuts with shaved sides come in many different styles and can work with a range of hair textures and lengths. You can go for curly hair with a side shave, straight hair with a gently tapered side, and a whole other array of side shaved hairstyles. So if anyone’s ever asked you ‘w hat is the haircut called with shaved sides?’ you’ll need to ask them to narrow it down (or just show them this article. Save you some time and effort).

If you don’t know how to shave the sides of your head, don’t take the risk and try and create these cuts yourself (even the simple ones). Head to a good barbers and let them do the work for you. This is especially important if you’re a fan of your facial hair and want a men’s shaved haircut that can work with a beard. Not all of them will, so it’s good to have some expert help when you’re getting the chop.
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