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Miner-Inspired Hair & Beard Styles | Disney’s #8thMinerContest

One of the joys my family has, by doing what we do, is our association with Disney over the past several years. The content we have created for them has been a lot of work, but also a ton of fun. Today’s post is a perfect example! Hair beard styles 2016.

Due to a scheduling conflict at the end of April, we were not able to attend the grand opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Walt Disney World. We still wanted to be a part of it, so Walt Disney World teamed up with CGH to bring you this fun tutorial!

Brooklyn and I are leading off the “Sneezy Challenge” week of Disney’s #BeThe8thMiner contest, so today we will teach you the best way to bobby pin a beanie into place, plus two additional hairstyles using the beanie as a part of the combo.

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, beanie, 1 ponytail holder, 6-7 small hair elastics, 4-5 bobby pins, hairspray {if desired}.

My girls and I have worn beanies for years, and every time we wear them, girls stop us to ask how we get them to stay in. Today, we show you the secrets to placement and securing of a beanie in your hair!

To begin take the beanie and place it over the forehead. Then slide it back towards the back of the head.

You only want it to sit back a couple of inches from hair line.

Once you have it where you want it, pull some pieces of hair out of the front of the beanie. This will prevent you from looking bald while wearing the hat.

Now take a bobby pin and slide it thru some of the knitting in the beanie and push it till it gribs your hair underneath.

Repeat with another bobby pin but make sure this one cross the first bobby creating an X.

Repeat a couple more times to make sure the hat stays secure. Placing a couple of bobby pins in the back by the nape of your neck will help keep the beanie from sliding upward.

Different kinds of beards

Miner-Inspired Style #2—Bubble Ponytails with Beanie

One of the hairstyles we show you uses Bubble Ponytails, something you have seen here before. I bet you didn’t know how easily they would be accessorized with an adorable beanie!

Place the beanie, and secure with bobby pins as mentioned above…

Now, part hair into two even sections, each over over one shoulder…

Place an elastic around the hair near the top of each section…

Move down about 3-4 inches, and place another hair elastic…

Continue placing elastics until you run out of hair {I prefer 3 sections in total}…

Now, go back and loosen each section of hair between the elastics, by tugging on the outside layers {this will “bubble” out the hair in each section, giving the desired look}

Add hairspray {if desired}.

Miner-Inspired Style #3—Lace Braided Bangs with Beanie

Types of mens facial hair

The other hairstyle uses Lace Braided Bangs, something else that you have seen here before! Doesn’t this version look so much better?

Part your hair off to one side, in a deep part…

Place the beanie back several inches from your hairline, leaving hair in front of the beanie, and secure with bobby pins as mentioned above.

Now create a Lace Braid, in a Dutch Braid technique, beginning at the part line and running down along your hairline {only add hair into ONE side of the braid, the top side away from the hairline}…

When you reach the ear, stop adding in hair and complete a regular braid with the remaining hair…

Add hairspray {if desired}.

Miner-Inspired Style #4— Faux Beard with Beanie

Yes, Brooklyn even shows us all the absolute coolest way for a girl to wear a beard! {Raise your hand if you used to do this in grade school, too!}

Place the beanie on the head, and secure it with bobby pins as up above…

Split your hair into two sections….

Mens short beard styles

Wrap each side around your neck and under your chin…

Gather the two sections of hair under the chin, and secure with an elastic

Add hairspray {if desired}.


Enter for a chance to win weekly prizes, and a Grand Prize 7-day trip to Walt Disney World for 4 people! Simply visit Disney’s for details!

To have that chance to win the Walt Disney World vacation, feel free to post your own fun and creative photos of these styles on Twitter, Instagram, or Vine, with hashtag #8thMinerContest!

How creative can our fans get? I know the answer… SUPER CREATIVE!!! {I just may repost your recreation on Instagram this week!}

So, what did you think of these hairstyles {and beard style}? Can you do something even more creative? I want to see them! Heigh Ho, and Good Luck!
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