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The Best Beards You Can Ever Try

Oh beards, what would men do without them? They make a man look sexy and powerful. But, the one thing you need to know before committing to facial hair is understanding which beard style suits your face. After all, you don’t get to choose the beard style. It chooses you. Fret not, we’re going to list down a couple of beard styles that are pure classics and a favourite among men. Most stylish beard.

1. Stubble

Men opt for a stubble when they’re not in the mood to grow a full-fledged beard. But that’s not to say that this style is a disappointment. Of course, you’ll end up scratching every now and then, but the stubble has an irreplaceable bad-boy charm to it. So, what’ll it be, friend? Your trimmer is your ultimate weapon so make full use of it to maintain the scruffy look.

2. Almost There Beard

This is the beard you get after a month long vacation of not caring about your beard. The difference is visible yet charming in a way. It’s what David Beckham likes to sport and maybe, just maybe, it’ll look great on your face. There’s no science to it. You just have to let your beard grow before your chop off the extra bit of hair that’s making it look uneven. Patience is key.

3. Balbo

The Balbo suits men with a square shaped face. A sexy jawline is an added advantage because beard look manages to accentuate it. You’ll need to grow a full beard and a long moustache first. With the help of a razor (and trimmer, if need be), you will have to take off the side hair, leaving you with full beard around the chin area. In the barbering world, this one is a huge hit.

How to shave a beard styles

4. Circle Beard

The combination of a round goatee and a moustache is what you’d call a circle beard. It’s clean, tidy, and a perfect office beard. For the uninitiated, seek inspiration from Robert Downey Jr. beard aka The Tony Stark Beard.

5. Van Dyke Beard

Inspired by the 17th century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke, the Van Dyke beard is the crazy combination of a goatee, moustache, and a little bit of stubble around the cheek area. I mean, to hold true to its roots, you’ll need to shave off all the hair in your cheeks, neck, and sideburns. But, if you want give it a macho look, grow it all out. Make sure that the beard in your chin area is V-shaped to get the look.

6. Full Beard

Oh man, the full beard is our favourite from the lot. It’s the manliest of all the beards. It’ll take around five to six months to grow a longer beard. If you have a small chin, growing a long beard will help cover it up. Of course, you’ll have to look after it to ensure that it grows in a healthy manner. So here’s our guide to look after a beard.

Great beard styles

7. Biker Beard

Usually, bikers tend to sport longer beards with semi-bald heads. Now, that’s intimidating AF. If you think about it, even WWE wrestlers sport such a beard. So if you ever want to send a warning, the biker beard can do the job.

8. Sideburns

Remind you of Wolverine from X-Men? It’s basically facial hair that runs down your jaw. You can end up looking like a joker. That said, it could also make you look devious. So if the adventurous side of you is A-okay with sporting one, you’ve got our full support, my friend.

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