Boy dadhi style. Grow a Yeard Beard: What It Is How to Get It Bald Beards

You started to growing a beard because you like the facial hair. Now you have a nice-shaped beard and thought about growing it out? Have you ever thought what it would look like after growing your beard for 3 months, 6 months, or even a year? Beard styles and trimming.

The Yeard Beard is continuous facial hair growth for one full year without shaving or considerable trimming. The goal is to reach a fuller and longer length beard in 12 months than an average beard.

So what’s holding you back from getting your “yeard?” Are you afraid of the commitment? The time will pass quickly and before you know it, you have a full-on year beard that upgrades your entire look. Read more about how to do it right.

What is a Yeard?

The name of this beard comes from growing a beard for a 1 full “year.” You may trim a few hairs, but beards at this length have to be grown long.

Longer than your classic ducktail beard, these beards are much fuller and longer than your average beard growth from a couple a few months. Smart grooming and combing can help keep the beard growing in the right direction and tame wild hairs.

Expectations When You Have a Longer Beard

Some myths still exist around growing a long, full beard. The main one is that it’s not clean or takes a hygiene sacrifice in order to keep it long. However, with a beard comb, shampoo, and beard oil, you can keep a healthy, clean beard that still grows long and wild.

You get a lot of looks with a longer beard when you keep it long and brushed as well.

Growing a Yeard

After the typical beard growth stages there are 3 additional growth stages when growing a beard for 365 days. These stages separate the men from the boys.

1st Stage: Long Beard Growth

Your hair typically grows about.5 inches per month, but it could be more if you have longer, fuller beards genetically. Some beards may also grow slowly or come in patchy at first. You face the most issues growing out a beard within the first two weeks, but after 30 days, you should be able to see the form of your year-long beard taking shape.

The new hair on your face may be uncomfortable at first, and you possibly may itch along your jaw and cheeks. There are a wide range of beard styles that may come in as you start to grow it out. So, investing in a good beard comb and applying beard oil can help you shape your facial hair in the direction you want it to grow.

Long chin beard

3 month beard

Your 3 month beard should be a point where you question whether you want to keep growing out your facial hair. If the length is already too long and you don’t like to see patches not coming in, you could wait a few more weeks to see how your hair comes in. You can also use the beard shape guide to trim down stray hairs and keep thickness tamed in the areas you want.

Stage 2: The 6 Month Beard

How long will beard grow in 6 months?

After six months and up to nine months, you are at the mid-range of growth. This means that your beard’s length has grown down past your chin and neckline. Some areas may be thicker that started out as patchy, and you may need to trim up hair as it grows up your cheeks. Curly beards also start to look much thicker and may curl inwards for looks with more volume.

Should you trim a yeard?

Around this question, you may want to shave or trim down your beard, but you should let it grow longer. If you cut too much or try to trim a longer beard, you may end up with an uneven longer beard. This is why most men go to a beard groomer to trim up a longer, unruly beard. Others simply don’t groom as much, but they still shampoo and condition their beard.

If you are having issues with growing out your beard at this phase, and it's taking much longer than 9 months to see thicker patches of facial hair, then you may want to look into taking beard growing vitamins, changing your diet, or look into Minoxidil for beard growth.

Some deficiencies in iron, niacin, and biotin can cause slow hair growth on the face. In some cases, it may take longer than a year to grow out your facial hair.

3rd Stage: The Home Stretch

This beard growth stage requires a lot of brushing to keep your hair tame and growing in the right direction. You will see a few more inches of growth in these last few months at the end of the year. You may want to take a photo for each month to show off your growth, too.

How long will your beard grow in a year?

At the end, you reached the peak of growing a beard. This is the point that many men never attain because it’s too difficult to get past the itchy, uncomfortable stretches. You can bask in your beard’s glory and shape your hair with a few tools to maximize its full lusciousness.

Grooming Tips for the Yeard

You may not want to trim your beard during the beginning, but as you get longer beard hair that sticks out and travels down your neck developing a neck beard. Then you should trim a bit of hair away from your neck.

Growing a longer beard means that you still have to clean and trim your facial hair. There are some staple tips you can use in your grooming routine.

Different beard style names

Use a trimmer or facial hair scissors to trim away stray hairs

As your beard gets longer, you will want to use oil and balms strategically.

You can trim your mustache over the lip and even curl it so that it does not grow over your lip.

When trimming your hair, you never want to cut hairs that are growing vertically.

Now that your beard has entered the final stretch, you probably have a full, luscious shape that could use some slight trimming and shaping. You can decide what you want to do to shape it. This is the final step to getting the longer beard that you want.

How to Shape Your Long Beard

While you may have avoided many of the trimming exercises earlier on in growing your beard, now is the time to pat your beard and think about where you want to keep it long. You can shape your beard as much as you want when your hair is long. Here is a quick look into trimming and shaping your fully grown beard.

Exfoliate your skin and use a natural shampoo to wash your facial hair.

To start, you could even out and square up the sides of your beard. This is where you might chop some neck hair below and even it out so it’s thicker under the chin without growing down. This is so you avoid a neck beard.

Spot and trim away straw hairs.

Beard shape for oval face

Use a beard comb and balm to maintain your beard’s shine and hair thickness.

Your barber may be able to offer a stylized long beard that blends in with a fade or other particular haircut. Many men like to wear a wilder beard with stylized coiffed look on top.

Also, the bald with beard look is in. So, if you are going bald, then you may want to fade the sides of your thick beard so it blends in with your natural hairline.

Wrapping Up: Growing Your Beard for a Year

When you decide to grow a thick, long beard, you have to put up with a few months of itchiness, patches, and wiry stray hairs. The whole point of this exercise is to allow your facial hair to grow freely and then trim it down later after it achieves a denser thickness.

While others may take only a few months to get a full length beard, it’s typical for most men to take a full year to get the same amount of growth.

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