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Beards are nothing new. However, the popularity of facial hair has indeed reached new heights. We’ve seen brilliant beards across all facets of life, from folks around the neighborhood to athletes and celebrities. Today we take a look at some of the best beards in the world of Hip Hop. New style of beard 2016.

While we’re all familiar with the mane’s of Rick Ross and Action Bronson, we take a look deeper with the likes of Stalley, Questlove, Rick Rubin and even Kool A.D. Check out the ten best beards in hip hop below and let us know your thoughts. Did we miss anyone? Who else should be included?

The biggest boss of them all is also known for one of the biggest, and best, beards in the game. He’s maintained a pristine looking beard since first unleashing his first track, “Hustlin’.” Since then his game has evolved, and Rick Ross has ushered in the era of beards in hip hop. Sure, it is nothing new, but it is never been as popular as it is now thanks in part to the Miami native.

Mr. Budden is known to rock a well-maintained beard of all sorts. We’ve seen his style change and progress over the years. Sometimes he keeps a clean shaven look, while we’ve also witnessed various degrees of stubble styles and full beards from the New Jersey native. While he wasn’t the first to do it, he is certainly one of the most stylish with his shapes and styles.

The Philly native wordsmith is another MC who is known for his beard. His infamous beard has been referenced in a number of tracks and by a number of the biggest MC’s in the game. While his beard is part of his religion, it’s become synonymous with his style and look. Freeway, thanks to his beard is certainly one of the most recognizable faces in the game, and honestly probably the reason many of us have a beard at this moment. Freeway was ahead of his time in the world of beard style.

New shaving style for man

The Canadian MC hasn’t given us much in the way of beard style, but it certainly made some noise once it was gone. Drake recently shaved his full beard off, which caused a bit of a panic on social networks. Drake’s beard was a well-groomed full beard, offering up a clean look for the wordsmith, and causing panic upon its removal. While it didn’t last long, it was one of the best-looking beards in the game.

Many of us may know Action Bronson due to his passion for the culinary arts. However, you cannot overlook his impressive beard and his knowledge of beards. Anyone with a beard understands the difficulty that eating can provide, but Action handles it like a champ and even provides some handy tips. Mr. Bronson’s beard is one of the best due to its natural and unadulterated approach, while the grower himself provides some helpful hints on how to keep your beard flawless. Pay attention!

The Cleveland native wordsmith is known for his impressive facial hair. Stalley rocks a long, clean and well-groomed beard which makes for a flawless approach. While he hasn’t provided many different looks with his beard, it’s always on point, always offering nice shape and a healthy look. Stalley stays cemented on any ‘hip hop beard list’ every year!

The legendary producer, drummer, artist and much more is known for his style, which includes his beard. We’ve seen Quest rock a number of unique styles over the years, but has always maintained a nice look no matter what is on his plate. So no matter if you see him rocking festival stages, or doing his thing on Jimmy Fallon, Quest is always on point and keeping that beard looking brilliant!

Stubble beard

Chicago native, Common, has been seen rocking a number of beards through his many years in the game. We’ve seen the classic full beard, well groomed, clean looks, and even goatees. Common always comes with a proper look for whatever he has in store, rocking great looks for movie premiers, special performances and so much more. Common’s style is always great and provides some excellent inspiration as well.

This man has probably the most recognizable beard in the world of music as a whole. Rick Rubin has been rocking a beard since the early 80’s and looks to have not trimmed it since. This iconic beard is obviously an extension of his genius, as the man is notable for producing some of the greatest modern music known to humankind. The beard is certainly doing something for Mr. Rubin.

Kool A.D. is another MC who has been seen rocking a wide variation of beards. We’ve seen his classic full beard, as well as clean shaven looks, stubble and much more. Kool A.D. is no stranger to being different, and that extends in his beard styles throughout the years. Kool A.D. and his beard are always impressive, and always full of style; thus being one of the best beards in hip hop!

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