Beard guide styles. CDC Issues Coronavirus Prevention Warning for Hipster Facial Hairstyles, Consequence of Sound

Those with mutton chops and Van Dykes might want to trim those follicles

With Mike “What’s Science?” Pence now leading the US government’s response to the coronavirus, there’s understandable concern about preventing contraction. The CDC has warned an outbreak in the US is almost inevitable, and is issuing advice on how Americans can prepare themselves. In one particular infographic, the CDC warns that popular facial hairstyles may interfere with filtering facepiece respirators. Types of facial hair styles.

People are already turning more to facial masks to ward off illnesses, and with coronavirus anxiety at a tipping point, many will surely be upgrading to full-on respirators. But the CDC warns that those with Bandholz, Van Dyke, chin curtain, or Fu Manchu-style beards and mustaches might want to trim those follicles back before slipping on a mask.

The logic is pretty simple: hair that sits under the respirator seal would prevent it from being airtight, negating the entire point of a filter. What’s more, certain styles could get in the way of exhalation valves, preventing them from working properly.

How to style the beard

The good news is if you have a simple look like a small handlebar mustache, a Zorro, a Zappa, or even a “toothbrush” (a kind way of saying “a Hitler”), you’re probably in the clear. However, hipsters rocking a full on Dali, Verdi, Imperial, or God forbid mutton chops or a Hulihee are being told to shave up if they want the protection of a facepiece respirator. That said, if you’re rocking a goatee, classic villain, horseshoe, or a Tony Stark-esque Balbo, you’re fine so long as the hair doesn’t cross the seal
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