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Men with beard juggle to properly adapt their beards to the events and occasions they attend. Here we give you 10 best ideas to show off your beard with the highest possible class at any occasion, and without having to shave. Beard styles for long face.

Before proceeding, remember that wearing a beard should not only be synonymous with style but with modernism. That is why men no longer want to see themselves with their faces too shaved and are choosing to let it grow.

It is also very good that from time to time you give your skin a rest because always wearing a shaved face means that you should shave almost daily. For this, good beard oil is recommended.

Also, know that a person with a beard is associated with respect and power, so take advantage to let it grow because many forms of modern beard ideas that are waiting for you. Look and choose the one that best suits you.

Keep in mind that not all beard ideas favor everyone. You need to know your face type so you can choose the one that suits you best.

1. The Knob

Women love men with a rough and manly appearance, and this leads men to wear knob beard. Undoubtedly, the knob is the most desirable option for men who are determined.

Within this style, you can find many variations, but the characteristic that all have in common consists of the symmetry in the profile that the cut must-have. It is a beard style, which if worked well will look very masterful.

Talking about the knob beard style, you can find the open one, which suits you very well if you are a man with an oval face. Because it favors the balance of your features.

If you want to leave the knob and you get very little hair, try letting the chin and mustache part grow more. This form is known as the goatee.

2. Three Day Beard

Photo taken from Wikimedia

Within the style of modern beard, it is still the favorite of many. Although as the name itself says it should always look as if it were three days.

Once this time has elapsed, you should review it with the help of the scissors or the machine, otherwise, it will get messy. Don’t forget to use good beard oil, since it allows the skin to stay healthy.

Different goatee styles

3. Bandholz style

If you have a long beard and an event comes up, don’t panic. Rather, wear the popular Bandholz beard style.

Bandholz beard style is associated with Eric Bandholz, who decided to let his beard grow. After many comments criticizing his appearance, he quit his job to create his own brand of beard care products.

This style is for daring people and benefits almost all face shapes, with the exception of rounder ones.

To be able to wear it you must have a lot of patience to wait for the beard to grow, which could take up to seven months. After this period, you can start trimming your beard and start giving it the desired shape.

When you get tired of this style, you could switch over to the Garibaldi style by cutting it a bit.

4. Combination of Knob and Full Beard

This style is used by renowned athletes; it is very elegant because of the mixture of these two styles. Making you look a little more daring and original.

It requires scissor care so as not to let the beard grow too much, and the neckbeard area requires special attention.

5. Full and Profiled Beard

Photo taken from Unsplash

If you are one of the men who grow thick and abundant hair, this is definitely the style that would suit you very well on any occasion.

To wear it the right way you just have to let it grow for almost six weeks.

After this time you should outline it and fix the neck area so that it looks cleaner. Many men opt for this form because it gives them a touch of seriousness and virility.

Nice looking beard styles

6. Hipster Beard

Photo taken from Pixabay

It is a modern beard style known for being adopted by the most daring men. With this beard idea, you can reflect a very masculine and relaxed personality.

For this type of beard, you will have to let it grow for about 20 days to reach the volume that is required. But as it grows, it is better that you give it the care it needs to do it in the right way.

One of them is to go to the barbershop once a week during the first month to begin shaping it. Then you can fix it at home yourself.

7. The Pins

This beard style can be called the invention of an American general.

The pins can fit you very well if you have a circular or square face.

To achieve this beard style idea, you have to let the whiskers and mustache grow until they meet. Then you should shave the part of the chin until you reach the bottom of the lip. Depending on how you want to leave the volume of your sideburns, you can let it grow until they look denser.

8. Van Dyke

The Van Dyke beard style follows the goatee style with a long mustache. It can be very appropriate if you are a man with a narrow chin.

If you are interested in knowing how to achieve it, you have to let your beard grow enough to start marking an inverted T in the chin area. This is done with the help of the machine so that the cheeks and the area of ​​the pin are completely shaved.

9. Populated and a Little Messy

Populated and a little messy, this is the beard style for men who like to be risky. This is a type of full beard, a bit long in the style of woodcutters.

This beard style is most ideal for people who have a thin face. It also requires maintenance on a regular basis, so you’ll have to be extra-diligent!

In beard styles

Be sure to trim the edges of your beard neatly for a clean, polished look.

10. Long Stubble Beard

Photo by Kaleem-1989 on Pixabay

If you wish to have a gentleman look at any occasion, you should pick this long stubble beard style.

To wear it, you should let your beard grow for two weeks, maximum. Then to keep it, you have to cut the hairs that protrude from the cheeks and are also in the part of Adam’s apple.

This shape favors all face types (yay) so pick it without hesitation!

You should mark your style, and finally remember always that good beards need a lot of care, so make yourself a good care kit so you can look good and modern.

Take advantage while these are still in rage this year.
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