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The beard trend is not over. Even if many talked about the demise of the hipster beard, facial hair has transcended trends as permanent forms of self-expression and men continue to embrace it. Although with changes. This season, beards coexist in different lengths and styles. Our experts bring up the latest beard trends and guide to facial hair care. As trendy as beards are, so is the importance of its maintaining and grooming. Beard cut styles 2016.


A nice beard is a great way to stand out, especially if they are on trend. “Beards will still remain in 2016 but will be shorter”, explained already last year the famous Spanish barber Jordi Pérez. And indeed, this is what has happened. These are the 3 beard trends most popular for this year:

3-DAY BEARD:With no need to leave it to grow for months at a time, the 3-day beard also does the trick. It must always be kept well-trimmed and removing the hair of the neck and cheeks for a well-groomed look.

SHORT BOXED BEARD: It is a clean sculpted beard and a classy alternative to the full beard. Whiskers are limited below the cheeks, upper lip and chin.

LUMBERSEXUAL: It is the longest one of the three styles and became last year’s star beard trend. This 2016, however, its beard is grown shorter (only 5 cm from the chin). The Ducktail beard (the bottom part of this style of beard resembles the tail of a duck) is another twist off the original full beard, perfect for oval faces.


It’s not only about style. A beard doesn’t just take care of itself. As with general hair care, facial hair also needs proper care and beauty tips. These beard care tricks will keep your facial hair looking resplendent.

Great beard designs


A good brushing with a specific brush is essential to beard maintenance and health. In addition to combing, brushing plays a very important role in the health of your beard and skin, because it favors the stimulation of hair follicles, helping to guarantee that they are healthier, as well as it helps to keep it clean, dragging dirt particles out of it.

It is very important to brush it (even more so if it is long) every day and with a proper natural boar bristle brush. With this brush, you’ll untangle it but also simulate higher density in more sparsely populated areas, stretching it and leave it more polished and bright.


Despite what many believe, beard requires a personalized care: facial hair is different to the one in our heads, as well as our face skin is completely different to the scalp. In order to not damage the natural oils and leave them to regenerate and act on skin and hair, it is recommended to wash our beards 3 times per week with a specific shampoo for beards. Massage stronger, since beards tend to scale more the skin. Like this also, you will stimulate the follicles, favoring their growth, and avoiding also the bad smells.


Cleaning and styling parts of your beard like the neck, the cheeks and the sideburns with a razor blade or a hair clipper for outlines , is also a step that you should not forget if you want to get a clean look, always using a protective to the skin to avoid any incident. Follow these steps:

Razoring cheeks: Draw and imaginary line under the cheekbone (from the middle of the ear taking care of the sideburn) up to the corners of the mouth (be careful with the moustache) and remove all the hair that remains above that diagonal. (Blue line)

New beard style for boys

Razoring the neck area: Rise the neck and leave 1 finger length in all the contour under the chin and razor the hair towards the bottom. (White line)

Razoring the sideburns: It is very important to remember that sideburns are an essential part of our beards and that they have to look integrated with the same beard density and not with the one of our hair. If necessary, clean this area too. (Yellow line)


Beards come in all shapes and sizes but, ¿when and how should you trim your beard?For longer beards, it is recommended to trim once per week or every 15 days with a hair clipper and a comb if necessary. You can use the TX01 Termix professional hair clipper with a ceramic blade for achieving a perfect styling and 4 additional lengths, besides the 4 guiding combs for longer dimensions. It is always better to start with longer lengths and then reducing if needed.

For 3 day-beards: we will use 1.6 or 1.9mm lengths, and if we want it longer, use the 3mm comb.

Lumbersexual: for this style, sculp the beard freehands with scissors or with the hair clipper but without combs. Brush the beard inside to outside and remove all the remaining hairs that unbalance the outline. Brush out also with a boar natural hair brush and optically verify that everything is correct. This style also admits the neck and cheeks outlines without cleaning if you want a sloppier hipster style.

Different shaving styles


And finally, to work difficult areas as can be the hollow of the chin, the contour of the sideburns near the ears or the edge top of the lip, it best is use a hair clipper that has the option to use specific and small blades. The TX02 Termix hair clipper for contours is a great option. Besides the normal blade, it has 3 combination blades (normal, mini, and another one with rounded edges) and 4 combs as well as 3 adjustment levels of the blade. It is also perfect for travelling, for its compact size and because it includes two chargers (European and American).
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