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Unless you already have a definite and firm idea in your mind then the time will come where another important beard defining decision will need to be made. What style of beard do you want to achieve? In beard styles.

A good time to decide is after a few weeks have passed when you can see what nature has given you.

Each person grows a beard differently. You may be a vociferous grower and have a thick and bushy beard in no time, or you may take a long time to produce a thin and wispy number.

If your beard grows patchy then that will also limit the number of styles available to you. Everybody has a face with different features and quirks which could suit any number of different beard styles.

Once you see what you have and how the lines of your beard are set, this will help you choose a style suitable for your growth and face shape.

From the quick and simple stubble look, a goatee, or even a full or hipster beard, deciding the style you want at an early stage can help the growth cycle. You will know how to shape it and which parts need trimming or shaving.

The classic, easy, and quick style that is loved by many is the stubble style. Also known as the Five o’clock shadow this style was made popular in the 1980’s and is still popular now.

You can grow stubble in as little as 2-5 days and the perfect length is around 3-5mm long. Once you achieve this length you will need to make use of a trimmer to keep that stubble at optimum length.

Apart from using a hair trimmer to keep the length just right you may also need to shave the neck and cheek area. A clean neckline and upper cheeks are essential for the perfect scruff free stubble look.

Use an adjustable beard trimmer and set to your preferred length (3- 5mm is recommended). Pass the trimmer several times for a consistent length.

Clean stray hairs that the trimmer doesn’t catch with a pair of scissors.

Short beard with mustache

Shave untidy hairs growing above the cheeks or below the chin using a razor or trimmer minus the guard.

For the neckline shave any stubble that is growing vertically and for the cheeks shave from the cheeks down to the jawline.

Repeat the above steps every two to four days for nice and tidy looking stubble.

A Goatee beard is named because it looks like the small beard of a goat. The goatee beard is a growth of hair from the bottom lip down the chin with a width the same width as the mouth.

Many people think a goatee also includes a moustache. This is you want the moustache & chin beard combo then you may want the Goatee & Mustache style instead.

Allow all the hair that grows on the bottom lip to grow out. Shave the cheeks and straight down from each corner of the lips, the upper lip and below chin/neck area. Once you have around ½ inch of hair you can think of shaping it. If you also wish to connect your goatee to your moustache then check out the goatee and moustache style.

The width of a goatee is typically about the same width as your mouth.

Smile in the mirror and shave the goatee perimeter along your dimples (your smile lines.)

Define the outer edge lines, keeping them smooth and symmetrical.

Round off the hair on the bottom of your chin. Leave it a bit longer if you have a weak chin.

Beard trim styles 2016

Many people want a goatee beard with a moustache as well. This combination of the two is one of the most popular beard styles around and is also known as the Van Dyke and is similar to the circle beard.

When growing a goatee and moustache for the first time, grow your beard for around a week.

After this look to start shaping and styling as per the goatee, but keeping the moustache and the connecting hair down to the beard.

This way you can decide what size goatee and moustache coverage are best for your face.

Styling & Maintenance of the Goatee and Mustache

Make sure the sides of your goatee do not extend past the smile lines of your face. Make sure you keep both sides symmetrical and even.

Make sure you keep the un-goateed area of your face shaved clean, stubble looks untidy when combined with a goatee, so keep everything neat and tidy. Keep your goatee and moustache well trimmed using a trimmer or scissors to keep it under control.

Use shaving oil to clean the shaven areas of the face as it is much easier to see the edge of your goatee making the styling job easier.

This style is just the goatee and moustache but left to go a bit wild.

Without trimmer your whiskers it will grow longer giving that extended style.

2016 mens beard styles

Simply grow your goatee and moustache and let it continue while you simply shave the cheek and sideburn area

Allow your facial fuzz to grow to your desired length.

You may want to keep some sideburn action going depending if it suits your face.

Styling & Maintenance of the Extended Goatee

Simply keep those jewels clean and shaved while allowing the rest to grow to the desired length.

It is still a good idea to shave down the front of the neck to keep it clean and tidy

There will come a time when you need to trim the moustache and goatee to stop it escalating out of control.

As your moustache and beard will be thicker, you may want to slightly extend the edge of the downward shave area to match.
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