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The NBA playoffs are very important. But you know what else is very important? The amount of absolutely stunning hairstyles the league’s stars are sporting. We’ve already explained to you how Jeremy Lin’s hair was probably responsible for a really great game he played in March, but he’s not the only player sporting some seriously impressive locks. Popular facial hair styles 2016.

We therefore took it upon ourselves to present you with a comprehensive ranking of the best hair in professional basketball. Here it is.

14. Iman Shumpert

Shupert is known for his flat top. Part of what makes his hair so admirable is his consistency — while he occasionally switches it up, he always comes back to his tried-and-true.

13. Kelly Oubre Jr.

12. Chris Andersen

We’ve decided that facial hair counts for this ranking, so Andersen makes it. But even though he’s since gotten rid of the mohawk, he’s mostly on here because of this:

11. James Harden

If beards count, Harden’s on here.

Latest hair and beard style

10. Anderson Varejão

Not only does Varejão let his curls fly free, he accessorizes.

9. Joakim Noah

What’s the difference between an Asheville-area barista and an NBA player? If you go by the hair, nothing. If you go by everything else, everything.

8. DeMarre Carroll

Again, a man who knows how to use a hair tie.

7. Luis Scola

Wow. There’s a lot going on here. A middle-part with a serious behind-the-ear tuck? Scola could walk in New York Fashion Week.

Modern men's beard styles

6. Kelly Olynyk

But just when you thought Scola’s long hair was a lot, you get Olynyk, who not only rocks a middle part with his lettuce, but slaps a headband on to really draw attention to it. Impressive!

5. Steven Adams

An incredible mustache, a half-up ponytail? If the Hair Hall of Fame were a thing, he’d be a shoe in.

4. Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin or Patrick Bateman? No way of knowing.

3. Jeremy Lin

Channeling his best “third grade girl in the 1990s” look.

Beard look 2016

2. Jeremy Lin

Taking a page out of Olynyk’s style book.

1. Jeremy Lin
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