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We all know how important it is for men to take care of their beard and trim it once in a while so that it looks clean and neat. However, do you really need to go to the barber to get a good beard trim? How to shave your beard.

Here are some tips that will help you save money and time by trimming your own beard at home. In Mauritius, as we have two main seasons, winter and summer, it is important to trim your beard in a proper manner that will not affect your skin no matter what the temperature is.

Find the right beard length for you: Everyone has different tastes and standards when it comes to maintaining their facial hair. The best thing to do if you want to find out which hair length suits you is to completely shave your facial hair and let it grow out. Then, once it has reached the desired length, think about what type of trimmer you need to maintain it.

Buy a beard trimmer that works for your needs: Now that you know which beard length suits you best, you may purchase a proper trimmer that fits your needs. When it comes to beard trimmers, you usually get what you pay for. This does not necessarily mean that you need to buy an expensive price, it all depends on your budget and taste. However, trimmers do mostly the same tasks, yet others come with special features that may cost a bit more.

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Keep your trimmer and its accessories organised: Find a container that will store your trimmer as it may come with several little components as well as its charger. If you do not keep them together, this may result in losing one of the important little components.

Keep your trimmer oiled: Before running your trimmer, drop a few drops of oil on the blades so that it may prevent you from getting cuts and having uncomfortable sensations. It will also give you better results.

Begin shaving. Start long and finish short. If you have a sizeable beard and want to trim it down to a respectable, but still present length, start with your number 3 guard comb. Go over your entire beard.

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Switch to a lower guard. Once you’ve gone over your face and neck and have a good length, trim your neck. With a lower guard, like a 1, buzz the hair from your neck to just under your jawline.

Clean up any strays. Make sure that you get an even shave everywhere by looking in the mirror for any stray hairs. You also want to shave any areas below your neck with your 0 guard, the blades on your trimmer.

Remove the guard for shorter styles. If you want to sport a 5 o’clock shadow, shave without a guard. For a 5 o’clock shadow, simply shave your entire face and neck with the blades on your trimmer head. This will leave you with stubble.

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