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For many guys, growing a beard is the style statement of the year. Luckily, finding the best beard styles for men with short hair isn't too difficult. Here are possible matches to check out. Beard styles for men.

Beard Styles for Men with Short Hair | Find the Beard That Matches Your Trendy Hairstyle

1. The Undercut and Messy Hair Beard Option

One of the beard styles for men with short hair is the messy look. It’s great for those who sport an undercut.

This hairstyle is typically long (though still only a few inches in length) at the top. It’s easy to achieve the “I woke up like this but still look great” look. The sides and the back are short and trimmed neatly.

The messy beard, which also works for those with a mid-range mustache, is rugged, manly, but never close to Gimli’s. For maintenance, use a brush or a beard comb for detangling.

2. Slicked Back and Longer Beard

You can also grow a beard if you want to hide your double chin or your neck. Sport a beard with longer hair on one condition: opt for the slicked-back look.

To start, choose a haircut that is slightly longer. Then, slick it back. A variety of products are available to help create this slicked-back look without it looking greasy. Keep the hair pulled back (or you can go for a man bun ). You can also keep the sides of the head shaved close to pull off this look.

For the beard, consider length a good thing. A beard six or more inches long helps create a very dominant, masculine look. Just remember a few things. First, the mustache should be equally long but kept away from the lips. This helps ensure the look remains clean. Shave away any stray hair along the upper cheek and downward toward the jawline. For the length of the beard, keep it clean and trimmed.

3. Playful Taper and Stubble

Do you have a classic taper hairstyle? If so, one of the beard styles for men with short hair is actually a stubble.

Short beard ideas

In this hairstyle, the upper area is a bit longer than the rest. The top of the head will have hair about two-to-four inches in length, depending on the size and shape of the head. Then, the hair from the area above the ears down to the neck tapers, getting shorter as it goes down. This creates a top-heavy look that is playful, lighthearted, and trendy.

To pull off a beard with this type of haircut, though, be ready to put some time and effort into it. Keeping it shaved close is important. In short, the beard needs to remain more stubble than length. Trim it to define the shape. This type of facial hair is ideal for men who like a lighter beard that does not weigh on them and is easy to keep clean and neat.

4. The Comb Over and Short Beard

Many guys still want to spend less than ten minutes grooming. That includes taking care of their hair and beard. A good match is a short beard and a comb-over hairstyle. It is a classic look and is flexible. It can be neat and tidy today and wild and unruly the next.

For the hair, it can be short with a longer length at the top, which can be about four-to-five inches. Because it’s long, you can flip it from one side to the other, creating a thick flowing wave. The sides of the head, on the other hand, are short and cleanly cut around the ears and neckline with a fade in some cases.

For the beard, it's best to keep it short. Hair growth of less than an inch is ideal. Comb it a few times to detangle. Trim to get rid of the stray hairs near the cheeks and lips. Other than these notes, let it look and feel as natural as possible.

5. The Classic Crew Cut and a Full Beard

If you want a Flashback-Friday hairstyle, then get a classic crew cut. Not only will it remind you of your youth, but it will also be a neat, clean, and easy-to-maintain hairstyle. This haircut generally features shorter sides and a bit more length at the top. It may have hair that comes to the side but not as drastically as a comb-over.

One of the beard styles for men with short hair, specifically a crew cut, is a full beard. It creates a nice contrast with the hairstyle. You can also pair it with a mustache in case you want more coverage for the face.

Cool beard shapes

Long beards, however, require some serious maintenance. Be ready to invest in quality products such as a beard oil. It also needs some trimming to define the shape.

6. Mid-Bald Fade with Clean-Cut Stylish Shaped Beard

A skin fade is one of the trendiest hairstyles for men. It is best for those who want something really clean but can’t decide what to do with the hair. This hairstyle can be low, medium, or high. The choice depends on your jawline, face shape, and desired look.

The mid-bald hairstyle starts with a bit of length at the very top, about an inch or two. Spiked or loosely falling hair works well. The sides, especially around the lower back above the neck and above the ears, are very close to a near bald. In between this and the top section is a bit more length, allowing the top portion’s length to fade to the bald area.

For the beard style, opt for a trimmed one. It helps to play off the sophistication and fashionable look of the mid-bald fade. Kept short, it can still have dimension and depth. For example, areas near the chin can be a bit thicker than those near the jawline and ear. The goal here is to create a dramatic cut.

7. The Faux Hawk and Full Facial Hair Beard

When you want to make a statement (whatever it is), you can never go wrong with a faux hawk. This hairstyle combines trend and easy maintenance. The hair at the top is longer and slicked to allow it to stand up. Though not a true mohawk, it adds a lot of height to this look. The sides fade slowly to a near-shaved look at the back of the neck.

One of the beard styles for men with short hair like a faux hawk is a full beard. It helps to carry out the dominating, demanding look. Try to achieve a facial hair from the cheeks down. This beard may not have a lot of length, but it is thick.

How do you do a faux hawk? Diydan Lopez teaches you:

Professional beard styles 2016

It may take some trial and error to find the right beard styles for men with short hair. In the end, though, remember: it’s not the look that truly matters but how you carry yourself. If the beard style makes you confident, then go for it.

What’s your preferred beard style for men with short hair? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.
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