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Disneyland will ease up on its long-standing rule regarding beard lengths, but male cast members at the Anaheim theme park still shouldn’t plan on growing their facial hair as long as Sneezy, Sleepy or Grumpy. Beard look.

Disneyland will make adjustments to the Disney Look appearance guidelines regarding beard length and acceptable jewelry on Monday, Oct. 28, officials said.

For decades, male Disneyland employees were famously forbidden to grow mustaches or beards. Mustaches were first allowed in 2000. Beards and goatees were permitted for the first time in 2012. The rules did not apply to Walt Disney, who wore a mustache most of his life.

Before the policy change, male cast members had to keep their beards and goatees trimmed to no longer than a quarter-inch in length. The rules that go into effect on Oct. 28 will allow beards and goatees as long as one inch.

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Themed costumed cast members in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure could only wear standard medical-alert bracelets and necklaces prior to the policy change. Beginning Oct. 28, they will be able to wear a single bracelet and a single necklace.

Disney employees are expected to maintain a “neat, polished and professional look” that avoids “cutting edge” trends or extreme styles. Cast members, Disney-speak for employees, must abide by a strict set of Disney Look appearance standards applying to rings, earrings, fingernails, tattoos, body piercings, makeup and even undergarments.

The Disney Look handbook includes examples of acceptable and unacceptable hairstyles, facial hair and sideburns for men. Cast members are expected to neatly comb or style their hair in a natural-looking way with only subtle highlights permitted.

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The new Disney Look standards will apply to all cast members at the Disneyland and Disney World resorts. WDW News Today first reported the changes to the Disney Look standards.

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