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Beards have become a style essential when it comes to men’s fashion. For a very long time the clean-shaved man was the trend, but with the influence of the hipster and urban styles beards are now the twist needed to complete a man’s attire. When it comes to beards, maintenance is key; whether you’re going for the Zack Galifianakis look, or the 5 o’clock shadow you want a natural look that has a nicely groomed finish. Trimming, shaping, fading, cleaning, combing and conditioning are part of the game and these change depending on the type of facial hair and style you are going for. There is not one correct way to have or grow a beard, but there are ways in keeping each style maintained. Read on to know more about these 5 beard styles and how to get them. Ways to style a beard.

A rugged beard should remain rugged, hence the name, but at the same time it should have a hint of maintenance and care. In the picture, this shows the right length to get if you’re aiming for this kind of look. These shorter beards usually take about one to two weeks of growth period, and are maintained by trimming the side cheeks and lower neck line. Trimming every other day to keep them looking neat and messy at the same time is highly recommended.

Probably one of the easiest beard styles to have, this look is all about the mess. Unlike the rugged beard, here you want to keep these little runaway hairs to give it the clutter it needs. However, you should start trimming the hairs from the neck up, giving it a “shadow” effect starting from the Adams apple. Also the length should vary from two to three inches.

The longer the beard the more important it is to pay attention to little details. This beard works when it has more mass than the average tuft of facial hair. While growing out a long beard, you should pay attention and not have the hair take all over your face. This means treating the beard the same way you do your hair, conditioning every three to five days, and brushing it regularly to keep the hairs in place. To grow out a bread to a full long length usually takes around six to twelve months. Also you’d have to have a full dense face full of hair if you want it to look healthy.

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Confidence is key for guys who are trying to pull off this full, strong creative beard. For this style you might want to weigh in you options before going for it, because of its extreme density and disproportion. Just like the long beard, this one needs just as much and slightly more attention to conditioning, brushing and grooming. Also, monthly clean ups are best to make sure that things are still looking neat – just like Chewbacca!

The Extreme One; Brett Keisel

Also known as the 5 o’clock shadow, this style doesn’t need much to do or maintain. This look works best on people who have a patchy beard, or empty spots, and it’s best to have when working in an office with a certain dress code. A daily trim is needed if your hair grows much overnight; otherwise every other day will do. What is best about this style is that you can leave it to grow a few inches to rock on the weekend and then trim it back up when needed.

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So here you have 5 different ways of styling your beard. But before you start remember you need to know your face shape and what works on you the best to be able to pull off the specific look you’re going for. Let us know which ones worked best for you!
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