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Men across the world participate in No Shave November (or Movember for the mustachioed among us) for a variety of reasons. Some let it grow for charity or to raise awareness about men’s health concerns while others simply wish to switch up their style. Whether you’re sporting some new stubble for a good cause or just ‘cause, go about it the right way with these foolproof tips for growing a full beard. New short beard style.

Remember Your Lines: How to Shape Your Beard in Three Simple Steps

Believe it or not, one of the keys to a successful Movember is to start by shaving! Fear not, the beardliest parts of your facial hair aren’t going anywhere. Before picking up the razor, wait a week to establish your stubble. No Shave November celebrates beards. As such, we recommend cultivating your facial hair, not letting it run rampant on your face.

How to Shape Your Beard:

1. First, apply a clear shaving gel to a clean face and neck. To better guide your razor, save the thick, lathering creams for another day. We recommend the Baxter of California Beard Line-Up Shave Gel for its ability to soothe skin while you shave with aloe and eucalyptus oil.

2. Next, sculpt the top of your beard by drawing an invisible line from your sideburns to the tips of your mustache or corner of your mouth. For most men, the hair above this line tends to be unruly and sparse. By shaving the stubble above this line, a beard actually looks thicker. Likewise, avoid shaving below this point, as dropping the top line of your beard leads to a jowl-like appearance.

3. Finally, to define your beard’s neckline, find your Adam’s apple first. Place two fingers above your Adam’s apple, and create a “U” shape from ear to ear by shaving anything below the top finger. This avoids the infamous neck beard without bringing the bottom of the beard too close to the jawline, which takes away from a beard’s fullness and results in an over-groomed look that risks creating the illusion of a double-chin rather than a stronger, slimmer face.

It Grows on You: How to Choose the Right Beard Style for Your Face Shape

Now that your stubble is sorted, visualize how you want your beard to look on the last day of November. Beards grow whether you have a game plan or not, but having a goal in mind gives you some direction when it comes to trimming and maintenance. Your face shape largely determines the natural shape of your beard, which isn’t always flattering, so consider your facial structure every time you reach for the clippers. Not sure which style best fits your face? While there are countless facial hair designs to experiment with, nothing beats a full beard done right. Follow these tips to sculpt a beard that best complements your mug.

New beard hair style

The Best Beard Style for Oval Faces

Since beards are sought for their ability to slim facial contours and strengthen the jawline, those with oval faces have it easy. These face shapes become more defined even with the slightest stubble. They have one job: don’t mess it up! If you have an oval face, simply maintain your proportions as your beard grows in.

Pro Tip: Most beards grow faster in some areas than others. Trimming the sides takes away roundness while taking off length from the bottom squares off the jaw.

The Best Beard Style for Rectangular Faces

Those with rectangular or oblong facial structures obtain the appearance of having a large beard in no time due to their fuller, elongated faces. Make this work to your advantage by keeping your beard thicker at the sides and shorter in overall length. This complements your strong features while maintaining a balanced look.

The Best Beard Style for Round Faces

Beards are at their transformative best when paired with a round face, as they can create the illusion of a chiseled jaw even if you weren’t born with one! Since round faces tend to be fuller on the sides, taper the thickness of your beard toward your chin to create a slimmer appearance. To achieve a stronger looking jawline, sculpt your beard into a ninety degree angle that extends down from your sideburns and out toward your chin. Cultivating the perfect beard takes patience when you have a round face, but the transformative results speak for themselves!

The Best Beard Style for Square Faces

If you’re born with the coveted square jawline, aim to accentuate your strong facial structure, not exaggerate it. Since your jawline naturally appears bold and chiseled, keep the sides of your beard trimmed short. Simply slim your facial contours by adding fullness and a bit of length around the chin to make the most of your angular features while maintaining all the proper proportions.

Best beard styles for long face

Pro Tip: Many men with square faces opt for a goatee for its ability to elongate the face without stifling their jawlines. However, goatees risk coming off as over-groomed in an era defined by styles that appear effortless. Instead of cropping everything around your goatee, leave some stubble behind by using clippers to trim down the rest of your beard. This creates a heavy goatee that highlights the area without looking too polished and preened—great for experimenting with heavy mustaches and sideburns as well!

Your Beard Deserves the Best: Support Softer, Fuller Facial Hair with these Grooming Products

Before you grow, consider adding these beard care products to your grooming arsenal. Think of your beard as an extension of your face. As such, it deserves to be treated just as well. From balms to waxes, more facial hair products exist nowadays than you can shake a beard comb at.

To simplify matters, remember the three essentials of beard care:

Wash your beard daily using a cleanser that is specially formulated for facial hair. This removes excess oil and debris that can prevent proper growth. Try the Jack Black Beard Wash, which contains aloe and panthenol to protect and soothe not only facial hair but the skin beneath as well.

Condition your beard immediately following your wash to replenish lost hydration. This vital step prevents flaking and dryness (also known as beardruff). The Art of Shaving Peppermint Beard Conditioner not only hydrates facial hair, but it also softens and refreshes the complexion with jojoba and essential oils.

Beard cut styles 2016

Moisturize your beard as needed throughout the day using beard oil to ensure hair grows in softer and more manageable. Brickell’s Beard Oil does this to perfection as it nourishes hair and adds healthy shine. What’s more, it penetrates down to the skin to prevent itchiness and dry patches, which are known to put a damper on an otherwise dapper beard.

Now that you have all the tools needed to grow fuller facial hair for No Shave November, read this blog to learn how you can achieve thicker-looking head hair!

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