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Research has shown that women are more attracted to men with beards rather than a clean-shaven look. Of course, Men are always complete with a beard. More often it happens that you want to carry a beard look but you are confused about which beard style would suit you? Different beards.

In such a case, nothing works better than these beard apps where you can try on different looks to see how would you look in a beard.

Best Beard Apps for iPhone & Android

Simply download any of these beard apps and look yourself into multiple beard looks and choose the one that you like the most.

Beard Booth Studio

The app offers many beards stickers and mustaches. Just take a selfie and check-in which beard style you look the best in. This beard simulator can show you up all types of beards – long, short, and stubble. To perfectly match the beard style with your face, you can resize and rotate the beard to adjust on your face. There is no registration needed in this app, all you need to do is install the app for free and explore hundreds of beard styles.

Beardify – Beard Photo Booth

Beardify – Beard Photo Booth

Whether you really want to know how you look in different styles of beard or you just want to make fun with faces, this is one of the best beard apps that you should try on. There are loads of realistic beard styles to choose from. Plus, you can match your beard color with your facial hair. Moreover, there are animation effects available that you can add on to create videos and share them with the social world. The list of beard styles includes Garibaldi, Verdi, Hulihee, Old Dutch, and many more.

Cool shaving style

Grooming – Styling & Shaving

Grooming – Styling & Shaving

This is not just a beard styling app but a complete grooming parlor that you can carry in your pocket. The app is designed for men who are looking for the best stylish look to carry. This is very helpful for newbie models and beginners in the fashion street. The app has tutorials under style sections, where you can get to know how to shave and how to become an impressive & stylish personality. From experts to professionals, this app has all types of beard styles and advice for you.

Let us increase some of your general knowledge, Beard in Hindi is called Mooch. The features of the app are as interesting as the name is. The app has all the features that one can search in beard apps. Resize, retouch, and sharing on social media, all the tools are available here. The app supports all the camera applications, so either you can take the picture right from the app or upload it from your phone gallery. With multiple beard styles, this is a nice app that any beard lover can use.

Beard Photo Editor – Beard Cam Live

Tried so many beard apps but still looking for the best? Try this beard photo editor that permits you to check which beard style suits you. This app has a live camera support so that you can check your beard look in real-time instead of applying it on your photo. However, you can also upload photos, set the best looking beards and share them on social media. The most-loved feature of this beard app is it an auto wrap on your face or photo which makes the beard looks very natural. You can easily prank someone changing your look overnight.

Mustache Booth – Grow A Beard

Mustache Booth – Grow A Beard

All kinds of beards

Out of all the beard apps available for the iPhone, this one is the easiest and fun way to check yourself in a beard look. There are many customization options available. While using the app, you just feel like having a mirror in front of you and shaving your beard. It has all the tools to shave, erase, resize, and adjust your beard and mustache. In addition, you can also upload your own beard and write texts on it.

Beard Booth Photo Editor

Beard Booth Photo Editor

There is no point in waiting to grow a beard just to know how you look in the beard. It can be done in a few minutes. Just download the Beard booth and see yourself in a beard the next moment. It not only have beard styles but also have hundreds of hairstyles and mustaches to give you a complete makeover.

A1 Beard Photo Editor

Beard fashion is now back with a bang and every second man you look on the street is a bearded man. Beard is in! But that is a big question which beard suits you the most? Ah! thanks to beard apps. A1 beard photo editor is developed with one such intention where boys can know their different appearance in beard, trying out as many styles as possible. And all this is possible through a single beard app. Not just that, the app also has multiple tattoos styles and 6 pack features for enjoying a perfect Macho look.

Man Photo Editor

This app is like a complete Man salon in your small mobile device. This app has everything that one needs to restyle themselves. Install this app and makeover your beard, mustache, six-pack Abs, sunglasses, caps, tattoos, etc. Plus, you can even check out blazers in the app and get a complete model look. There are many customization options like you can change the color, size, etc.

Latest beard styles for long face

Beard Styles 2019

With the simplest interface and easiest navigation, this app has more than 10,000 beard designs that you can try and check on your photo at a simple touch and swipe. The app gives you the option to save your photos for later review or changes. It is now super easy to carry your digital nerds with you.
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