Different beard styles pictures. 5 tips to endorse different beard styles at work

Beards are not only an epitome of masculinity, but has become a sheer symbol of chivalry to men. All thanks to the urban corporate world, which demands trendy looks and knowledge about latest trends from the young employees. Trendy beard styles 2016.

Guinness World Record Holder, Ishika Taneja, who is a renowned make-up and has worked with best Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, has suggested 5 trendy beard looks for young entrepreneurs and corporate professionals.

Unleash the inborn model in you with ‘Hi-fashion Stubble’

This one’s for the fashionistas, which is sure to make you stand out in all your professional meeting and yet is very low-maintenance. With just the right amount of hairy shade at just the right places – this beard exhibits innate professionalism and style at the same time. All you need to do is find an ace coiffeur to chop-up your beard in the runway fashion way and maintain it afterwards. Do this by pouncing upon a great beard trimmer, and balance it out every morning to keep the beard and the oomph factor on the go.

Hair and facial hair styles

Transit from being a boy to a man with ‘The Full Beard’

Adding some more macho-ism to your official avatar – this evergreen beard trend has been rocking since ever, and is still here to stay. So all you boys - who want to segregate themselves as men now – can certainly commit to growing a full beard. And the best part is that it’ll save your skin from adverse effects of sun, pollution and weather too. The style is best for people with sensitive skin. It is donned even by fashion honchos like George Clooney. The full beard will undoubtedly give your otherwise-subtle-look some edge.

Popularised by Mr popular Johnny Depp himself – this has been one of the most favorite hairstyles amongst all creative souls like - web designers, writers etc. The style is very classy, yet looks very raw – hiding your actual age from the world. So the Van Dyke look is for everyone, who thinks beards will make them look aged. It instead makes them look naïve and super-young. Somehow this style has some casual aura about it – that lets you steal the show not only at your office, but even on a friends’ day-out too.

Hairstyle for men with beard

Stay eveready for that after-party with ‘The Balbo’

If you wish to amalgamate sass and class in your beard choice – balbo is the one for you. Endowing you with a very refined look, it’ll still make you look very raw. Thus, everyone who abides by the mantra of work-hard-and-party-harder can go for it without even thinking twice! This beard-style is sure to make you the limelight of any of your after-work party; besides being an eye-candy of all your female colleagues at work.

Exhibit innate professionalism with ‘The Goatee Stubble’

Small goatee

Though, to some it might appear quite cunning – but a well-trimmed goatee is sure to give you an edge over the others at your workplace – so don’t shy away from flaunting it. You might perhaps don it, if you and your colleagues consider you as a workaholic and you’d like to pay more heed to that! It also emerges as a best choice for those who are always in the look for perfection – be it in their work or personal choice – just like this beard!

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