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Today let's take a little time to appreciate the many varieties of beards that grown majestically upon the faces of many men, as we discuss 4 Beard Styles That Every Man Should Try Once In Thier Life...

The every growing stubble seems to be one of, if not the most popular beard styles amongst men.

Some may like to argue that stubble is not actually a beard, and if I'm honest I would agree. After all, it only takes merely days to grow some form of itchy stubble, so no effort is really needed.

But love it or loathe it, stubble is ever popular amongst men of all ages, so why not give it a try yourself.

How to style men's beards

The infamous 'beardstache' consists of a more fuller mustache and a thinner fitted beard.

It isn't overly popular in the year 2018, but I must say it is rather eye-catching flattering. Back in the 80's 'stashes' were all the rage, epically here on British soil.

Since then times have certainly changed, which sees the infamous mustache fall to the sideline unexpectedly.

But with the revamp 'Beardstache' on the rise, we sure hope a come back is firmly in order.

Beard design 2016

Long life the full beard! Possibly by far the most common beard amongst men, the full-grown 'lumberjack' 'Viking' 'wood chipper' beard on the face of the planet, the full beard never loses in popularity, with many men struggling to grow out a full face of whiskers.

Granted the bearded life is not for everyone man, but every man should try at least once in his lifetime to flourish out his face whiskers loudly, and of course proudly.

We can probably thank pop culture for the rise of the goatee beard. Bac in the 80's alongside the mustache, goatee beards were big business, as many men sprouted out the goattees from one dancefloor to another you didn't have to search too far to find them.

George Michael always springs to mind, as he proudly grew his goatee for many years, I believe even until his passing.

Good looking beard styles

Fancy a new beard do? Then what would you consider growing? As always get in touch and let us know in the comments section provided below.
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