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Abel Tesfaye, commonly known as The Weeknd, is surely one of the greatest alternative R&B artists of his generation. The Grammy-winning Starboy is known for his rebellious style, particularly when it comes to his haircut choices. Whether you want to get his big dreadlocks hairstyle or one of his recent short afros, enjoy all The Weeknd hair inspiration you could dream of below! New hair and beard style 2016.

1. Former The Weeknd Haircut Style

Right before dropping his hit album Starboy, The Weeknd was famed for his unconventional hairstyle. He was highly well-known for his long, messy dreadlocks, often regarded for forming a “palm tree” shape that you could never miss.

2. Mini Afro

Fast forward to these days and you might spot Abel with a small, well-kept afro. We don’t know if he’s planning on growing out his hair again, but we have to admit that the nicely-trimmed hairstyle suits him quite well.

3. The Weeknd Haircut Starboy Cover

Not only did the Starboy album top the charts for weeks on end, but it also marked a legendary moment in The Weeknd’s style evolution. When releasing the single with the same name, Tesfaye launched a music video in which he first showed off his new haircut.

4. Two-level Facial Hair Style

We’ll be covering all of The Weeknd hair ideas you can imagine, but we want to stop and shine light on one of his cool facial hair styles. During the concert pictured above, he sported a two-level beard with an accentuated goatee that you might find to be interesting.

5. The Weeknd New Haircut

The Abel we know today has opted for a short, low-maintenance haircut that any guy can copy. We particularly recommend the look for men with afro-textured hair that want an alluring silhouette for their natural curls.

6. Deep Waves The Weeknd Hair

Hard as it may seem to believe, there were times in which Abel chopped his hair close to a buzz cut. However, the great detail that we want to point out is the deep waves design. Work with your local barber to get similar results.

7. Matted Dreads

There are several types of dreadlocks you can wear, which are classified according to their installation method. You have twist & rip, backcombing, crochet, and neglect, to name a few. If you want a matted aspect for yours, go for neglect (also known as organic or natural dreadlocks).

8. High School Haircut

When he was a high school student, Abel would keep his hair super short and evenly trimmed all around. If you’re currently a high school student or teenager in general, you can count on this haircut for an appropriate school look.

9. The Weeknd New Hair Style with Box Fade

There’s no doubt that The Weeknd looks amazing with shorter haircuts. When he chooses to rock his hair this way, he often plays around with the shape of his hairline. The rectangular outline here serves as an excellent example of a professional box fade cut.

10. Low Fade Haircut

In addition, you should always pay attention to the lower parts of Abel’s hair. You’ll quickly notice the cool fade techniques he uses in his haircuts. Here, you can admire his low approach, one of the best fade hairstyles for men you can try out.

11. The Weeknd Hair with Sectioned Styling

One of the benefits of Abel’s former iconic haircut was the versatility. Thanks to the generous length of his dreadlocks, he could choose to style them in whatever manner he pleased. In some cases, this meant separating bunches into distinct sections at the top.

12. Frizzy Bangs and Cap

We’re almost certain that you won’t find The Weeknd wearing a snapback to the side these days. Be that as it may, we like the idea of leaving textured bangs up and the rest of the hair under the cap. It’s a fresh look for those who love rap music.

13. Dramatic Bangs

On the other hand, we like how he brought back his bangs in a dramatic way recently. During his concert at the 2016 Victoria’s Secret fashion show, he flaunted bold bangs that almost seemed to be spiked in the front.

14. Angular The Weeknd Hair Style

Similarly, he sure knows how to inspire men when it comes to hairstyles with angles. One of the most appealing The Weeknd hair ideas features a handsome and practical textured haircut. The curls are cut at a slight angle to boost definition.

Different full beard styles

15. Neatly Arranged The Weeknd Hair

Not all of The Weeknd’s long dread hairstyles were eccentric. In fact, he would occasionally arrange his locks neatly for special events. For instance, at this red carpet celebration, he chose to elegantly style his dreads.

16. Mid Fade Haircut

Another one of Abel’s fade haircuts that we love is his mid fade. Instead of leaving just a small faded strip close to his ears, he decided to fade higher up towards the upper parts of his head. We believe the transition is great for shorter sides and a longer top.

17. The Weeknd Hair with Large, Long Bangs

We all know by now that The Weeknd isn’t afraid to experiment with his hair, although it may go against society’s general standards. Even when he’s not wearing his signature long dreads, he still loves rocking big, messy, textured hairstyles.

18. Swept Back Dreadlocks

If you have never had dreadlocks before, you should know that they’re quite high maintenance. Additionally, they might become uncomfortable or annoying, particularly if they’re long. For that, you can take Abel’s indirect advice by sweeping them back and tying them with a hair accessory.

19. The Weeknd Hair with Untamed Afro

For Tesfaye, it’s usually either dreadlocks or afros, as far as hairstyles are in discussion. If you’re searching for one of his best afro-textured looks, check out this small yet wild afro that you can obtain without much effort.

20. Dreadlocks with Cap Backwards

Yet another cool trick for managing long dreadlocks is to make the most of accessories. For example, an item as simple as a cap or beanie can help you keep them out of your eyes. You can try Abel’s look by turning a cap around, concealing your dreads underneath.

21. Taper Fade Haircut

The taper fade haircut is one of the most adaptable, stylish, and stress-free hairstyles for guys, regardless of their hair type. As you can see in the photo of Tesfaye above, his taper fade haircut accentuates the taller part of his overall hairstyle.

22. Messy The Weeknd Hair

The Weeknd was famed for the nonchalance with which he displayed his dreadlocks. If you want to have a bad boy vibe like Abel, all you have to do is messily style your hair. If you have dreadlocks, the outcome will be even better.

23. Clean Cut The Weeknd Hair

On the flip side, we have to admit that The Weeknd looks outstanding with a clean cut hairstyle. We highly recommend the haircut for any professional situations, like working at an office with a strict dress and style code.

24. Pre-dreadlocks Hairstyle

In order to get natural dreadlocks, you have to grow your hair out first. Even though you can start forming your dreads as your hair grows, you may want to get it to your desired length beforehand. We love how the transition style looks.

25. Burst Fade Haircut

The burst fade is a common haircut among African American men. Not only is it flattering for your hair’s texture, but it will also help outline your best facial features. We also suggest you go to a barber to get a professional burst fade haircut.

26. The Weeknd Hair with Choppy Dreads

Around the time he was working on his debut album Kiss Land, The Weeknd appeared with choppy dreadlocks. They would pave the way for his long, messy dreads afterwards, but we also support them as a standalone hairstyle.

27. Casual The Weeknd Hair for Black Men

If you’re seeking balance but still want The Weeknd hair inspiration, you should go for the casual haircut shown above. It’s not too short, nor is it too long or hard to maintain. We believe it’s the ideal hairstyle for a well-rounded look.

28. Three Section Dreadlocks

We previously spoke about The Weeknd’s technique of styling his big dreads into sections. Well, here’s an example that shows three distinct bunches of dreadlocks. You can also consider leaving a section loose at the back of your neck.

Types of mustaches and beards

29. Shape Up Hairstyle

As you can probably guess from the name, the shape up haircut is all about getting the right form. If you’re into clean silhouettes, Abel’s shape up hairstyle is just what you need as a reference. Focus on getting the proper angles for a picture-perfect haircut.

30. The Weeknd Hair with Frizzy Flattop

A great deal of short The Weeknd hair ideas involve a flattop foundation. Although you won’t see him with a classic, 90s-style flattop haircut, Abel plays around with his frizzy locks to put his own twist on the look.

31. Textured Quiff

Indeed, it will be more difficult to obtain a quiff hairstyle if you have textured hair. Nonetheless, it’s not impossible, and the results are fantastic. Try using some hair product to twist your locks into place. Alternatively, trim the tips of your hair to get the same angle.

32. The Weeknd Hair with Short, Voluminous Dreadlocks

Short dreadlocks are becoming more and more popular these days, even surpassing the hype of long, classic dreads. If you want to stay on top of trends, we recommend using this The Weeknd hair idea, with short yet voluminous dreadlocks.

33. Short Haircut with Rounded Hairline

These days you’re bound to spot Abel with a box fade or otherwise straighter hairline. However, when he was younger, The Weeknd had a rounded one. You should choose this approach if you want to gently conceal a receding hairline.

34. The Weeknd Hair with Medium Afro

In this shot, we can see The Weeknd with a hairstyle that falls somewhere between a medium afro and dreadlocks in their first phases of forming. As a result, we suggest testing the look if you want to go from an afro to natural dreads systematically.

35. Sculpted Neglect Dreads

Speaking of natural dreads, here is how you can shape them as they grow. The key to getting the silhouette you want is to slowly sculpt the dreadlocks as your hair gets longer. This way, you’ll be working towards the final form you want.

36. Subtle Shaved Lines Haircut

We’re all for incorporating shaved lines into your hairstyle. Still, we know that not all guys want bold and flashy lines shaven into their hair. As an alternative, you can get them subtly trimmed onto the side of your head.

37. The Weeknd Hair with Tall Flattop

The photo above features one of The Weeknd hair styles that come closest to a flattop. He still manages to add his personal touch to the classic hairstyle by leaving the top visibly tall and the edges unruly and adventurous.

38. Dreadlocks Mohawk The Weeknd Hair

We’re pretty sure that most people haven’t thought of combining dreadlocks with mohawk hairstyles for men, or at least the way Abel did. You can add a punk vibe to your appearance by arranging your long, natural dreads into a fanned mohawk fashion.

39. Clean Flattop

Despite the fact that the upper part of Abel’s flattop here is characteristically untamed, the rest is cut as cleanly as possible. To get the hairstyle, make sure that you evenly trim down your hair starting from the crown of your head and down to your nape.

40. The Weeknd Hair with Brown Dreads

As opposed to many other performers, The Weeknd has never really tried out different hair colors. The only exception we know of is his brown dreadlocks phase. Even then, he left the hair towards his scalp his natural black, opting for a brown ombre-like color combination for the rest.

41. Bedhead Hairstyle

When you have such a strong personality like The Weeknd, it won’t even matter what your hair looks like. For this reason, instead of struggling to style your hair perfectly, you should try leaving it as is. You can literally wake up and allow your hair to stay however it pleases; it will come off as cool and edgy.

42. The Weeknd Hair with Faux Hawk

Abel’s style has definitely matured throughout the years. Nowadays, you won’t be seeing him with a rebellious dreadlocked mohawk, but rather with a fine, textured faux hawk. Try it out for yourself if you want to step up your style game.

Shaving style for boys

43. Business Haircut

Here is yet another business-oriented haircut that men with afro-textured hair can wear at their workplace. It’s kept on the short side – an aspect that is both aesthetically-pleasing and easy to deal with. Do note that you’ll have to re-trim it often to maintain the shape.

44. The Weeknd Hair with Spiky Dreads

Natural dreadlocks look super cool throughout any stage of their formation. For a simple and fashionable hairstyle, cut the back and sides and leave the top with short and spiky dreads. The look also works for men with medium-length dreadlocks.

45. Well-trimmed Facial Hair and Dad Cap

Another The Weekend hair idea that focuses on facial hair is his neatly-groomed beard in the shot above. The dad cap accessory is great if you want to accentuate this area of your face, especially if your beard is in the perfect shape that Abel’s is in.

46. Discrete Undercut

When most men hear about undercuts, they automatically think about the lower part their head being completely shaven. Nevertheless, some of the best undercuts are subtle, ideal for complementing an admirably-styled top.

47. Disheveled The Weeknd Hair with Scruffy Beard

Although clean beards are extremely flattering for the majority of men, some honestly look better with scruffy ones. If you sport a disheveled hairstyle like The Weeknd, you may want to consider going for an equally rugged beard.

48. The Weeknd Hair with Side-swept Dreads

Once your dreadlocks are long enough, you can mold them into basically any shape you want. For instance, you can have fun with a side-swept dreads hairstyle like The Weeknd in this candid. You’re sure to make heads turn as you pass.

49. High Center Top

On the same note, here is an example of how you can go completely wild with your long dreadlocks. You can use the section in the middle for a brilliant high top. Make sure you stock up on hair ties to get the long and tall aspect.

50. Clean Undercut, Crazy Top

We’ll conclude with some The Weeknd hair inspiration that has a bit of both worlds. The look above features the messy top that we all know him for, while maintaining a sleek undercut. You can use both aspects for your hairstyle or just the one that you prefer the most.


In summary, you can now get one of The Weeknd hair styles you have always wanted, thanks to the multitude of references you have at hand. We do want to warn you that his famous palm tree dreadlocks are significantly challenging to maintain. Starboy himself even admitted that he cut them because he had difficulties sleeping. Whatever choice you make, we want to hear all about it in the comments!
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