Facial beard. Most Popular Beard Style 2017 : Latest Trends Ideas ( With Pictures )

Since, beard is now an overly popular subject for men, we thought why don’t we put together a complete glossary of the ultimate beard styles for men. Amazing beard styles.

And we have been doing research from a long time and after running for more than 3 days, we now have a real treat for you.

In today’s monster post, we will give you a complete rundown of most popular facial hair styles along with different categories.

Warning: This is the only beard style with picture guide that you will ever need. Feel free to book mark this page and come back later whenever you feel.

Are beards still in style??

Yes. Of course. It is still a growing thing and will continue to grow. Do not worry about it.

Alright, can you explain more of each style?

This style is great for all face shapes. This is a very popular style today. If done right, it can make you as dashing as a knight in shining armor.

To grow a bold and thick beard, you have to make sure that your sideburns blend into your beard with approximately the same length all over.

Different beard trims

The top edge should be slanting down across your cheek then make it curve upward towards your lower lip.

With your mustache and soul patch trimmed let a thin line of hair connect from your mustache curving down the corners of your lips to the rest of your beard.

This is great for all face shapes. Measuring at about 6mm long all throughout, the long stubble must be well maintained as different areas on your face grow hair at different paces. The areas of skin on your Adam’s apple and cheeks tend to grow a lot faster so maintaining the length is crucial to avoid looking unkempt.

Keep those strays away using a shaver or a trimmer.

This is perfect for Inverted Triangle, Triangle or Diamond face shapes. A full beard makes you look more of a man than you are right now. More men this year prefer this type of beard because it brings out all their masculine facial features.

This style usually relies more on how much hair your genes will let you grow. If you can grow facial hair without any problem, then this will be a fairly easy style to sport.

All you need to do is stop shaving for about 6 weeks then use your beard trimmer with a zoom wheel at the third or fourth level (or just a comb will suffice) to maintain the length and get rid of any strays.

Full beard trimming

If you have a square or circular face, then this one’s for you. Think wolverine. If you’re a fan of Hugh Jackman’s facial hair then this will definitely appeal to your liking.

This style is achieved by growing out your sideburns into your beard. Get rid of any of excess jaw, cheek, central facial hair and remove your goatee.

Trim down the hair of the beard and trim your chops regularly to maintain their broad structure and bushiness.

This complements face shapes such as round, heart-shaped, oval, and angular. If sporting a full beard is too much for your taste, then the short boxed beard is ideal for you.

This is a beard to make you look sharp and sexy as it emphasizes strong facial features like your jawline and cheekbones.

To get the look, simply reduce the height of your cheeks by removing stray whiskers from the area. Keep your sideburns then use a trimmer or razor blade to shape inclined contours from your sideburns to your cheek. Maintain a 1 to 1.5 inch length below your jawline. Make sure to leave your Adam’s apple bare. Trim your soul patch and mustache to achieve a neat look.

What is the best beard style for me?

Well, no body can answer that for you. The biggest take from this post you can take is - Testing. Go through all the ideas, pictures we have shared here and them pick one of those. Then test it. Take feedback from your friends and then you will know what suits you the most.

Goatee cuts

These are the Most Popular Beard Style for 2017. We will update this section regularly. So do not worry. For now, I encourage you to bookmark this post.

We really hope it brings you some happiness and help you to choose the one for you.

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