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After discussing about trimming your beard with scissors, now here we have an amazing piece of content on trimming your beard with comb and trimmer. How to trim a beard.

The reason behind it is pretty simple, there are now so many beard styles and trends and each of the style needs different kind of growing and grooming. Now there are proper trends of beards and the tailoring has become more and more difficult.

Step By Step Guide To Trim Your Beard With Comb and Trimmer

Growing beard is not where the struggle ends in fact there is a lot more to it, the maintenance is the major part and no matter how good your hair growth rate is, if your beard isn’t trimmed well, it doesn’t look good and the overall look of your face also starts looking unfresh.

Trimming your beard equally is no less than a art and only a few people can master this art. The rest obviously to the saloon’s in order to get proper styling and trimming for their beard. If you are someone who wants to know how to master the art of beard trimming then you are at the right place, reading the right article because today we are going to tell you in detail about how exactly can you comb and trim your beard with a trimmer.

But first, let’s look at a few reasons why your beard needs to get a good trim. So make sure you put all your focus on this article because after you are done reading this article, there are high chances that you will be able to pull out the handsome look from your beard that you’ve always wanted. So, folks, take notes of what we are about to tell you:

Reasons why your beard needs to get trimmed every now and then

1. You need to cut the stray hair

The stray hair of your beard can destroy your overall look so cutting them off is one important thing you must do. Those stray hair can give a very ugly look to your beard so it’s your duty to cut them off and make your beard look equal or at least less of a mess. In fact the last thing that you should have on your beard is a stray hair, work on it and try to get rid of each and every single on of the stray hairs because trust me, they can destroy your impression for sure. Also check our article on trimming your beard check line.

2. Your split ends need to end

Believe it or not, your split ends are your worst enemy and they can affect the growth of your beard. The reason behind it is that when your hair starts splitting into two from the end, they become a hurdle in the growth process of your facial hair so cutting them off is one clever move. Split ends are not only a beards worst enemy in fact your scalp hair also need to get rid of the split ends because even your scalp hair stop growing when there are so many split ends of your hair.

3. Fullness of beard

We know it sounds crazy to you but it is a fact that trimming your beard is necessary if you want you beard hair to look fuller. For a while just think that your beard is just like grass and we all know the fact that when a gardener cuts the grass equally, it looks better and fuller. Same is the case with your beard. You need to trim it well in order to make it appear fuller and stronger.

4. The shape of your face

Everyone wishes to have a prominent jawline or at least a prominent face structure and if that is the case then you surely need to trim your beard. The unequal or untrimmed beard can hide the shape of your face and it can appear as your face is very big and mostly importantly your jawline vanishes under an untrimmed beard and I am sure you don’t want that for yourself. Ultimately you have only one way out and that is to trim your beard on regular intervals.

Above we have mentioned all the basic reasons why you need to trim your beard and now we are going to answer the one question that is asked by many men and that is about trimming their beard with a comb and a trimmer. We do understand that you don’t have the time to hit the salon every time for your beard and that you want to learn how to trim perfectly all by your own.

So, today we are going to give you a step by step guide on how to trim your beard with a comb and a trimmer. Again, take notes of what we are about to tell you because skipping even a single step might cost you a lot. Here’s what you need to do:

Beard types and styles

Decide on a beard trimmer

There are a lot of trimmers available in the marketer and they have different price ranges too. You can easily get a trimmer that comes in a very cheap price but let’s face it, good quality requires good money to be spent and if you want a quality product then get ready to spend a few extra dollars.

So, the first thing you need to do is to decide on a good beard trimmer. Buying a good trimmer can make the trimming process easier for you so make sure you are giving all the attention that your trimmer needs in terms of research.

Know your tools

You don’t only need a trimmer in fact there are a lot of other tools too that are required for the beard trimming process. These tools include a scissor, a comb and other beard cleansing products. People mostly ignore the fact that they must buy quality tools for trimming their beard and ultimately they end up spending more on buying those tools again and again.

It’s a simple rule that applies on every product, spend some extra money on the first time you buy a product and it will work for you for a longer time period and if you buy cheap quality products then obviously they won’t last long with you and you will have to buy them again. In short, make sure you are buying quality tools for trimming.

Clean your beard and then dry it first

Before you start using that trimmer on your beard, wash your beard thoroughly with soap or any other cleansing product. Once you know you’ve taken off all the dirt and your beard is now smooth then dry it properly. Make sure you aren’t leaving it wet from any place and use a towel to dry it and make it look fresh first.

Comb it

Combing your beard before trimming it is one necessary step as you have to make it appear equal first. So make sure you are using the comb properly on your beard. Not only your beard needs to get a good comb in fact you should comb your mustache too and make sure the direction of it is downwards. This way your trimming process will be easier for you and you won’t have to worry about unequal trimming.

Start trimming from the highest guard

Trimmers differ in their features and functions and the length of their guards differ too but speaking of a standard trimmer, you should always keep the setting on 4 or 5 and start from the highest guard. Once you get to know your trimmer, you can always adjust the length of the guard according to your desire. However, for best results you should always start from the highest point and then move towards the lower side.

Always fade to the neck

Yes you read it right, one of the major things that you need to put all your focus on is to fade to the neck. The fading process starts from your hair to your neckline, your jawline and your neck both should have the same fade.

Also while you are using the trimmer, make sure that you are holding your neck skin tight because the skin on the neck is often lose and you can get a cut on it so its better to be careful while you are trimming to get the perfect look.

Your mustache need a trim too

Never forget the stache because it grows alongside your beard hair so remember that your mustache needs a trim too. Keep changing the length and use the same technique to trim your stache, trim it to the lip line and comb it too when you are combing your beard so that you can have a equal trim for your mustache.

Cool mens facial hair styles

A pair of scissors for the wild hair

Your trimmer cannot help you with the long wild hairs which is why you need a pair of scissors while you are working on your beard. Every time you see a long hair messing up the look of your beard, take the scissor and cut it off.

Be patient

The one major mistake that people usually make is that they trim their beard in hurry and trust me you can easily get injured if you are planning to use the trimmer with impatience. All of the trimming process requires all of your concentration and you need to be very patient and slow with your facial hair trim. Otherwise you might end up giving an unequal trim to your beard or you can get a cut too.

Above we have explained all the important steps that you need to go through in order to trim your beard with a trimmer and a scissor. It will take time but eventually you will master the art of trimming and won’t have to go to the salon every time so yes, it is one better option to learn it all by yourself.

After you are done with all the trimming and cleaning process of your beard, you now have to apply some sort of moisturizer on your beard in order to avoid the dryness of it. You need to make your beard look smooth and clear and for that a moisturizer is the best product to use.

We are now going to tell you about a secret product that can make your beard game stronger and you surely will love your beard after applying this product. So, here it is, read it carefully because this might be the one product that you beard needs in order to grow and look well.

Bossman Beard Kit — Beard Oil, Conditioner and a Balm

It is not only a beard moisturizer in fact it is a full kit for your beard that has a very magical effect on the overall growth of the beard and also it will make your beard look smoother like never before. With it you no longer will have an itchy or dry beard and its proper use will nourish your beard on a whole new level.

The best part about this kit is that it comes at a very reasonable price and is considered to be 100% effective on the other hand so yes, it is worthy of every single penny you spend on it. The customer reviews of this kit show that it definitely is worth a try because everyone is loving it due to its excellent quality, low price and effectiveness. So, if you really love your beard and consider it an important part of your overall handsome look then you need to buy this kit right at the moment.

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