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Posted on October 01 2018 Hairstyle for beard face.

Beards are great, let's face it, they have been on trend for a while and still seem to be going strong. But the question is, what hairstyles should you rock if you have a beard?

Well, fear no more, because we have some suggestions with our Top 5 Hairstyles for Men with Beards.

Before we jump straight in with the suggestions, what we have noticed, is that men with beards tend to wear styles that keep their hair out their faces a little. This is a great idea, as you could risk looking like Captain Caveman or Cousin It if you've got too much hair going on. Also, keeping that beard healthy and tamed is a must, so make sure to read our blog on growing a healthy beard or pick up some of our beard oils and beard balms.

Anyway, now we've shared our top tip on hairstyles for men with beards, lets jump into our favourite styles:

How to style the beard

1) The Side Part

This is a classic men's hairstyle, and looks good with and without a beard. The great thing about the side part, is it brings some formality and an element of professionalism to a bearded look. It can be the perfect hairstyle for the office or even for a night out. It's also a simple hairstyle for men with medium length hair, that can be styled well with a Pomade (for a wet look) or a Matt Paste (for more of a dry look).

2) Pompadour

Another amazing classic look. This brings a little more rockabilly to your look. It's a solid hairstyle that's a little bit harder to achieve than some others. Whilst still giving you a smarter look, it's style a hairstyle that works great in conjunction with a beard to keep you looking smart.

As the pompadour is a hairstyle that needs a little more hold, we suggest using a stronger product. Try a Grease Pomade (for a wet look) or a Clay Pomade for a dryer finish).

3) Long Hair

While most of our recommendations of top hairstyles for men with beards are for short to medium length hair, growing your hair and styling it in the right way can frame your face well, and add a really rugged look.

Beard styles 2016

Keep your hair growing and use a bit of Matte Paste at the roots to give your hair a little boost and some volume. Keep your hair swept away from your face, so you don't hide your handsome mugs behind your hair and beard, and we're onto a winner.

4) Man Bun

It's a little known fact that beards and man buns go together like... well, they just go together. It's not a style we can recommend a styling product for due to it's simplicity, but a well kept beard, long hair, and a bobble just seem to be a great team.

5) Textured Crop

The crop is a men's hairstyle that has a more modern feel. Perfect for shorter hair, this hairstyle will keep you looking on point, whilst showing off your beard. In terms of styling this men's hairstyle, it's quite simple and won't take you ages in front of the bathroom mirror. A little bit of dry hairstyling product, either a Matte Paste or Clay Pomade (for a firmer hold), would be ideal to give you the texture you need for this hairstyle.

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