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Most men are guilty of it, thinking that the latest hairstyle they've seen on someone else will look just as good on them, whether it's Johnny Depp, Tom Hardy, David Beckham, The Peaky Blinders or Conor McGregor. Copying other men's hairstyles is one of the most popular and easiest ways to find inspiration for a new haircut. Mens facial hairstyles.

However, you need to consider whether another haircut you think looks amazing on another guy will suit your own face shape. London School of Barbering, home of premium men's grooming is here to help with a face shape guide - giving tips and advice on what hairstyles suit the various face shapes to make your next trip to the barbershop easier and most importantly to avoid a disappointing haircut! They know how to cut hair and what haircuts look good on men, so read on for advice from the hair industry experts.

First up are haircuts suited to an oval face shape. This is a barbers dream, as this is a face shape that is unbelievably versatile, that can be suited to a range of different looks. If you are lucky enough to have an oval face shape, it gives you limitless options in what you can ask for at your barbers. We would even describe it as a blank canvas for barbers to work on, so thank your parents for the gift of an oval face shape! This face shape is well proportioned and symmetrical, making the man noticeably attractive.

The only thing that is not suited to this face shape is a fringe. Your barber should be taking your hair up away from your forehead to flatter your face, as a fringe on your forehead will make your head seem shorter and rounder. Haircuts such as buzz cuts, brush back, mid fade with a pompadour, taper fade with a quiff and a classic side part work perfectly on an oval face.

The diamond face shape is very unique in its appearance with it being characterised by its narrow jawline and forehead with width in the cheeks.

Short beard designs

To achieve a flattering and sharp hairstyle, your barber should be creating width on your forehead by keeping some length on the top and the sides. Fringes work really well on this face shape, as the fringe adds weight to the forehead. Keeping it long on top will balance out your face, which will create a more subtle look. Haircuts including a faux hawk, tapered fade with a fringe, long rough side part or a textured crop look great on this face shape.

The heart face shape is actually the rarest of them all. It is very distinct and can be identified by having width at the forehead that tapers down to a point at the chin.

The reason the heart face shape stands out is due to its tapered chin. A good tip for balancing out this face shape is to grow a short beard that will add volume to your jawline. Try haircuts such as medium quiffs, a tapered fade with a fringe, preppy comb over or a side swept crew cut to flatter this face shape.

Having a round face shape means that you won't have obvious lines or angles on your face. This means it creates a perfect circle shape for your barber. The aim of a barber choosing the right haircut for the round face shape will be to add definition to your face.

Beard cut

A top tip for the round face shape is to ensure that there is plenty of volume on top, while leaving the sides shorter. Opting to shave the sides high in an undercut or a high fade, while leaving your hair long on the top will add volume and flatter your face for a winning look. Haircuts such as an undercut with a comb over, high fade with a pompadour, high fade with a brush back and a spiky hairstyle all look top class on this face shape.

This face shape is very masculine in its appearance with defined angles and is wide at all points. This is another extremely versatile shape that barbers love to work on.

Most men actually prefer to soften out this face shape to tone down the sturdy, intense feel of it. Square faces are best balanced with a little bit of length on top. Also haircuts that are not too defined and are more laid back work best for this face shape. Opt for haircuts such as a textured comb over, crew cut, side part or a high fade for an appealing look.

The oblong face shape is defined by having a longer face with a boxy feel. Your barber should avoid taking the sides too short if volume is being kept on the top, so your face doesn't look too long, which is not always an attractive look with an oblong face shape.

New look shaving style

Having a fringe on this face shape will make your face seem shorter. The key to complimenting this shape is to ask for styles that are well proportioned and don't have too much length on top or too little on the sides, to ensure a flattering look. Haircuts including a high fade with a fringe, short side swept, short and spiky and a slick back are the best options for a guy to choose with an oblong face shape for a guaranteed awesome look.
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