Beard styles for face types. How to cut and style long hair for men – collar-length sweep back, The Bluebeards Revenge

The Bluebeards Revenge has teamed up with Tom Chapman, the founder of men’s mental health charity The Lions Barber Collective, to help you cut and style a collar-length men’s hairstyle that’s packed with added texture. Long hair and beard styles.

Longer hairstyles are making their way back onto the heads of men. It’s currently happening on the catwalks and in celebrity circles, which means it will soon make its way into the barbershop. Don’t believe us? Just check out Jeff Bridges’ look from this year’s Oscars Awards ceremony, or the long locks modelled by Game of Thrones superstar Kit Harrington.

Tom says: “This collar-length cut is perfect for those guys that want long hair that’s incredibly easy to manage. It gives a modern rock and roll look, while keeping the hair styled and smart enough for any occasion. The look compliments a beard very well and can be adapted for most hair types of this length.”

3. Establish a profile parting and then a zigzag parting from occipital to both ears. Comb the hair to its natural fall before point-cutting it to the desired length. Keeping the same section, elevate the hair straight up and point-cut it further to create a block graduation undercut.

4. Release the rest of the hair and comb it to its natural fall, then point-cut it further to follow the existing guide.

Hairstyle with beard and mustache

5. Create a radial parting from ear to ear to separate the front from the rear of the head. Add in a radial section from the centre of the existing radial parting to generate a guide.

6. Elevate the hair to a T-section with a comb and point-cut. Then, using the guide to ensure balance, work around to the back of the ears on both sides.

7. Create a profile section in front of the ear using the initial profile parting and then elevate it to 90-degrees. Point-cut from short (at the perimeter) to long.

8. Using the established guide, take horizontal sections of the hair and elevate them up to the original section. Standing on the opposite side, create over direction and point-cut. Repeat on the other side.

Mustache and beard styles 2016

9. Blow-dry the hair using The Bluebeards Revenge Vent Brush to create direction and texture. Once the hair is dry, cross check each section. Remember that there will be intentional disconnections.

10. Personalise the look by removing unwanted weight that the hair still has. If more texture is needed, create this by point-cutting deeper.

1. Wash the hair and rough dry with a towel. If you have time, let it dry naturally a little before the next step.

And there you have it – a long haired contemporary look that’s making its way to the top of the trends list.

New hair and beard style

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