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There are a small number of fortunate souls that can manage to sprout a beard virtually overnight. For the rest of mankind growing a noteworthy beard takes time and dedication. It matters naught which category you fall in because the latest beard trends include the most humble of stubbles to the bushiest of beards. The only thing a guy like you needs to remember during his beard-growing journey is a good comb, reputable beard oil, and a little patience. The comb will ensure that your beard is tidy and free of wandering sandwich crumbs; the oil helps to keep your beard and skin healthy and moisturized; and patience is the one thing that will make that beard of yours mature. Here is a list of the Top 10 beard styles for 2016 and how to grow them like the champion that you are. Top beard styles 2016.

1. The Classic Stubble


This is the perfect start to your beard-growing adventure. The secret to the perfect stubble is to make sure you maintain an even length all over. Start with a clean-shaven face and let it grow out for about 3 days before trimming it again. If you plan to keep this style for a while, it will be a good idea to invest in a beard trimmer. This style works well with short hair. Some girls even say this style reminds them of David Beckham and George Clooney.

2. The Long Stubble


This style takes about a week to obtain. Because the hair is longer than the Perfect Stubble, you may run into a few ingrown bandits. Be sure to tweeze them before they become too inflamed. It is also a good idea to start using a beard hair moisturizer at this point. It will make the beard a little softer and your face a tad more kissable.

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3. The Full Beard

It will take approximately four weeks to achieve a Full Beard. Do not become discouraged if you experience some itching; it is just Mother Nature testing your commitment. The itching will go away. Invest in a reputable beard moisturizer to calm your skin down. Normal shampoo will dry out your beard and irritate your skin.

4. The Ducktail

It will take about two months to make this beard a reality, but it is very easy to do. Just grow a Full Beard for a little more than a month, and then ask your barber to trim the sides but leave the Goatee area untouched and voila! This style is especially popular among men with round-ish faces as it tends to elongate the face a little.

5. The Philosopher

The Philosopher is big brother to The Ducktail. Although it appears a little more rugged, it holds the same basic shape, but in a more grotesque manner. This takes serious growing commitment and enters the “no BS” territory. A proper Big Brother Ducktail may take up to a whole year to grow. Beard oil is an absolute necessity to maintain soft, yet manly, face locks. A thorough and regular comb-through will ensure a shiny beard.

6. Adult Chin Strap / Amish Beard

This is a tricky one and it takes a real man to pull it off. It is not to be confused with the layman’s Chin Strap, because, let’s face it; that is an insult to beards. The Adult Chin Strap is a Full Beard that wraps around the chin, but is not connected to a moustache. Warning: Do not attempt this style unless your beard is at least 7 inches long.

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7. The Lumbersexual

This beard oozes machismo. The sleek top gradually flows into a messy and robust bottom. The Lumbersexual has become a landmark attribute for real men, who work hard (even if it is a desk job), but look great while doing it.

8. The Playoff

Popularized by some of today’s most prominent sport heroes, The Playoff represents endurance and strength. Although this beard appears rugged and unkempt, it requires regular brushing and oil therapy after every shower. No one likes a bristly, smelly beard.

9. The Hipster

This beard is typically accompanied by a very trendy haircut and moustache shenanigans. It is an expression of the modern man’s sophistication and simultaneous roughness. It is recommended that you make regular visits to your barber for the most up-to-date haircut to pair with your well-earned beard.

Honorable Mention: The Beard & Bun Combo

The only thing you need to pull off this style is confidence, a thick beard, and hair that is long enough to put in a bun. This style gives you the feeling of being a Viking. A strong, sexy, trendy Viking.

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