Latest short beard styles. 10 Most Popular Facial Hair Styles I Love Being a Lady

Where the clean-shaven face once stood, facial hair is now taking a stand. A tough rugged appearance has become the new appeal for men. Now that this new fashion trend has taken its place, the next step is finding out the most popular facial hairstyles. I’ve put together a selection of ten of the best to give you a helping hand… Most popular facial hair styles.

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Stubble is a very appealing look, as long as it is controlled. Most attractive stubble is only allowed in certain areas. Men have to still shave the neck in order to create “controlled stubble.” Shaving every two days and letting stubble appear in between shaves is the only way to continuously obtain this look.

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This one involves a little sculpting. When a man shaves everything except for a strip of facial hair following the jawline is a chin strap. Shave the neck and cheeks, but when it comes to the actual strap, use a sculpting razor and follow the natural jawline.

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This one is a controlled beard that is only on the chin and upper lip. Shave the cheeks and neck and let the rest grow free. In order to maintain a van dyke, it will have to be trimmed up with scissors or an electric trimmer every few days.

New short beard style

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Similar to the van dyke, but without the moustache, this one only occupies the chin. Shave the cheeks, neck and upper lip and let the chin hair grow free. It will need to be maintained with trimming using scissors or an electric trimmer.

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Facial treatments in Hong Kong are great for the soul patch, because it only covers a small part of the face. A soul patch is a small patch of facial hair coming down from the lower lip to the very start of the chin. Shave the rest of the face and use a steady hand to shave around the patch, making sure it is centred correctly. It is not meant to grow too long so it will need to be maintained with trimming.

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As proven by the media, the full beard is back in. If a man is blessed with the genes to grow a full, thick beard, then they should go for it. The biker beard is let completely free. There is no shaving involved, just an occasional trimming with scissors to avoid the “hobo look.”

All beard styles

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Big and bushy, those are the descriptive words for side burns. This is when everything is shaved except the facial hair on both sides of the face down to the jawline. Shave the chin and upper lip and use a steady hand when shaving around the sideburns area. An electric trimmer should be used to maintain sideburns as they are not meant to grow long.

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A shorter boxed beard is for those who do not want to go the route of Santa Claus. Let it grow without any shaving interference except when it comes to the neck. A boxed beard is more controlled than a biker beard, so trim daily to make it clean cut.

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Everyone loves the stache. This is when everything is clean shaven except for the upper lip. Shave the entire face and maintain the moustache with a good trim every few days to guard against a curtain of hair covering the lips.

Best way to style beard

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