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The beard is for some time in the spirit with the times, men are wearing it more and more and in many different ways. Whether you are a doctor, politician, teacher or student, it is worn in a chic, clean and impeccable way. As an International trend, many celebrities such as David Beckam, Bradley Cooper, Idriss Elba or George Clooney wear it with class. The beard has become more than a fashion phenomenon and allows men to express their personality and style. Trending beard styles.

To be bearded or not is above all a matter of taste. However, synonymous with virility and symbol of masculinity, the beard is also a sign of maturity and enables men to feel more attractive and more masculine, thanks in particular to the fact of aging childish faces. Wearing a beard is very popular among young people, in fact, it has become for them a new rite of passage to adulthood but also a sign of entry into working life.

Correct imperfections with beard transplant

If wearing a beard is in the current trend, unfortunately it is possible that for some people, facial hair is totally absent or insufficient in some areas.

Today, hair is the number one complex in men, but thanks to beard transplant, it is now possible for them to improve their appearance and correct their imperfections.

Beard transplant makes it possible to redesign the beard, thicken facial hair and complete less dense areas. For those who do not have a beard at all, during the operation, a beard will be created and drawn according to the shape of the face and wishes.

Beard transplant at Esthetic Hair Turkey

How to maintain a beard

Esthetic Hair Turkey offers its beard transplant services to MedicalPark, the largest hospital group in Turkey.

The beard transplant follows the same procedure as the hair transplant with a minimum operating time, that depends on the number of hairs to be implanted. Beard transplant is done under local anaesthesia and with the FUE or the DHI technique. The technique consists of manually extracting the hair follicles from the back of the head (donor area) and transplanting them into bald or less dense areas of the face.

Esthetic Hair Turkey's services include consultation, event planning and hair transplantation by our professional and experienced doctors. In addition, our services are accompanied by an all-inclusive package (Hotel 5*, airport / hotel / hospital transfers, care products, guarantee certificate), as well as pre- and post-operative follow-up, including with our medical assistants and interpreters at your disposal).

Beard transplant: What are the results?

Ø Uniformity of rendering

It is important to choose the right beard style, depending on the shape of the face, your hair implantation and also your personality.

Best facial hair styles

To help you in your choice, we have selected for you the 10 most trendy beard styles of the moment.

Do not hesitate to contact us for advice from our professionals who will help you determine the most appropriate beard style for your face shape and for more information about hair transplant.

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How to shave a beard styles

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