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In recent years, Beards have made a huge comeback as the latest fashion trends for men & are becoming trendier these days. Various scientific studies have also shown that women & girls get attracted more to guys having thick beards & mustaches. When it comes about culture & trend, Beard is a sign of manliness & masculinity! Awesome beard designs.

For inspiring all those guys who are thinking of growing or styling their facial hair. Here are some popular beard styles that most B-town actors & famous corporate men have been spotted several times in their work-life as well as in daily life.

1. The Short Beard – Shahid Kapoor

Time & again, this Bollywood star has wowed his thousands of fans & especially girls, with his unique style statements. Not all Bollywood actors can rock a beard style like Shahid Kapoor, and probably this helped him break his ‘chocolaty boy’ image.

How to Grow

1. Lightly shave around your cheeks & neck to maintain a clean & fresh looking short facial hairstyle.

2. Trim it every other day to make your facial hair looking sharp & wild.

Though you may need to maintain the angles for showing the best facial features, yet a neatly trimmed facial hair suits most of the facial shapes. To get it looking manlier, this facial hairstyle requires regular maintenance & patience.

2. Full Beard – Ranveer Singh

This famous star from B-town has always managed to wow fans with his impeccable fashion & oncoming beard style in his movies.

Discover this full beard style which has a flat cut in its edges that gives its ethical look. This amazing facial hairstyle suits very well for a traditional way of dressing to give an enchanting royal appearance.

Beard shape styles

How to Grow

1. Trim it thinner & shorter from the sides and keep it longer coming right off the chin.

2. Cut your sideburns & have them grow to the side of your facial hairs.

3. Carry this facial hair as it appears untidy, but you can wash it up a bit more according to your own choice & style.

NOTE: Perfect for men having square, rectangle & diamond face shape.

3. Goatee with Stubble

Among all men facial hairstyles, stubble beard is easy to grow as well as maintain. Goatee is a beard patch on the chin. Combining the two awesome beard styles, goatee with stubble can take several variations by simply changing the angles & shape of your facial hair. The combo is also called the Hollywoodian & the tailback.

How to Grow

1. Generally, a beard with a mustache without sideburns & is different from the Balbo beard style.

2. In this facial hairstyle, both mustache & your beard are connected instead of having that floaring mustache.

Beard styles for men with oval face

NOTE: Perfect for men with the oblong face shape.

4. The Beard Stache

The beard stache is a mixture of somewhere between stubble & full beard styles where mustache is kept fuller & longer than the hair around it. Adding a hyper intensive masculine ruggedness to any face, this is one of the most versatile & comprehensive lists that is seen so far.

How to Grow

1. Keep your cheeks covered in stubble & let your mustache mane grow wild & hang down the corners of your mouth just like as in the horseshoe beard style.

2. Ends of your mustache should not touch your jawline.

5. Heavy Stubble Beard – Kartik Aryan

Very specific kind of hair that’s been shaved! It is the simplest among all popular beard styles – heavy stubble is the kind of facial hairstyle that the Bollywood Star Kartik Aryan has sported in his latest movie, ‘Lukka Chuppi.

One of the main reasons why to choose heavy stubble beard is that it’s easy to maintain consistently. With this ideal beard style, you can go without shaving for several days. Suitable for men with psoriasis, acne-prone & sensitive skin type!

How to Grow

1. Let your natural stubble beard grow out at least 3 cm thick while avoiding trimming or shaving for several days.

Best short beard looks

2. Carefully trim your beard neckline to create a line under your chin.

3. Keep your neck clean & tidy below the neckline.

These are some of the most popular beard styles all men should know. For growing & maintaining these amazing facial hairstyles, use our beard care products that naturally grow, groom, maintain as well as give your desired style to your beard.
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